Tenses Set – 9 Multiple Choice Questions

Question 1.

The victorious team ______a round of applause to their supporters.

A. gives
B. given
C. giving
D. have given

Ans: A. gives

Question 2.

Nobody in my class __ any idea how to surprise Meiling on her birthday.

A. has
B. have
C. having
D. is having

Ans: A. has

Question 3.

Except for Troy, all the other children __ their fees now.

A. is paying
B. are paying
C. pays
D. paid

Ans: B. are paying

Question 4.

While _ the dog, Yen _ with an accident.

A. walked … meets
B. walked … meeting
C. walking … met
D. walking … meeting

Ans: C. walking … met

Question 5.

The witness saw the thief __ the old lady.

A. hit
B. hits
C. to hit
D. was hitting

Ans: A. hit

Question 6.

What did each child __ as a souvenir for National Day ?

A. get
B. got
C. gets
D. has got

Ans: A. get

Question 7.

_ this bag _ to you ?” he asked her.

A. Is … belonging
B. Has — belonged
C. Does … belong
D. Is … belonged

Ans: C. Does … belong

Question 8.

I __ several hundred stamps in my collection.

A. have
B. has
C. is having
D. are having

Ans: A. have

Question 9.

Does the teacher __ why Tina was absent yesterday ?

A. know
B. knows
C. knew
D. known

Ans: A. know

Question 10.

There __ much food left but there are some sandwiches over there.

A. isn’t
B. aren’t
C. wasn’t
D. weren’t

Ans: A. isn’t

Question 11.

Miss Lee suggested __ donations during the weekends.

A. collect
B. collects
C. collecting
D. collection

Ans: C. collecting

Question 12.

“Do not __ the gift now,” his father told him.

A. open
B. opens
C. opened
D. opening

Ans: A. open

Question 13.

Almost all of the bread __ eaten by the hungry boy.

A. is
B. was
C. has
D. were

Ans: B. was

Question 14.

When he is older, he wants to __ a pilot.

A. become
B. becomes
C. became
D. becoming

Ans: A. become

Question 15.

I __ to be left alone. Please go away.

A. wished
B. wish
C. am wishing
D. have wished

Ans: B. wish

Question 16.

The little boy __ to go to bed early.

A. do not like
B. is not liking
C. does not like
D. has not liked

Ans: C. does not like

Question 17.

Ali, together with Harris, __ punished for their mischief.

A. are
B. was
C. has
D. had

Ans: B. was

Question 18.

One of the lions in the enclosure __ sick and has been sent to the vet.

A. is
B. are
C. has
D. were

Ans: A. is

Question 19.

None of the soldiers in the army __ allowed to bring their weapons home.

A. is
B. are
C. have
D. were

Ans: A. is

Question 20.

Every day, Kamal __ to school together with his friend, Sam.

A. walk
B. walks
C. walking
D. have walked

Ans: B. walks

Tenses MCQs all set

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