Tenses Set – 8 Multiple Choice Questions

Question 1.

All the plants, except the hibiscus, __.

A. wilts
B. are wilting
C. wilting
D. is wilting

Ans: B. are wilting

Question 2.

No one __ where Brady has gone to.

A. know
B. knows
C. known
D. knowing

Ans: B. knows

Question 3.

None of the children __ another piece of cake.

A. want
B. wants
C. wanting
D. have wanted

Ans: B. wants

Question 4.

The boys __ making a lot of noise under the block just now.

A. is
B. were
C. was
D. are

Ans: B. were

Question 5.

Most of the boys __ fishing this weekend.

A. goes
B. went
C. will go
D. is going

Ans: C. will go

Question 6.

Some of the pots and a pail __ left behind after the party.

A. is
B. have
C. was
D. were

Ans: D. were

Question 7.

How much does a can of sardines __ ?

A. cost
B. costs
C. will cost
D. has cost

Ans: A. cost

Question 8.

Jill, together with Akila, __ to the football match tonight.

A. is going
B. are going
C. were going
D. went

Ans: A. is going

Question 9.

The carton of drinks __ a gift for the party.

A. are
B. was
C. has
D. were

Ans: B. was

Question 10.

The food __ left untouched as everyone had to leave in a hurry.

A. is
B. was
C. were
D. had

Ans: B. was

Question 11.

He _ up straight when his teacher called his name.

A. sit
B. sits
C. sat
D. is sitting

Ans: C. sat

Question 12.

Both the boys and the girl __ shy.

A. looks
B. look
C. looking
D. will look

Ans: B. look

Question 13.

Each of the 20 questions on the test paper __ two marks.

A. carry
B. carries
C. has carried
D. will carry

Ans: B. carries

Question 14.

None of the shirts __ nice enough for my friend.

A. is
B. are
C. were
D. will

Ans: A. is

Question 15.

Sammy, with his two cousins, __ to visit their grandmother at the hospital later today.

A. is going
B. are going
C. have gone
D. were gone

Ans: A. is going

Question 16.

A band of musicians __ the famous singer during her concert tonight.

A. is accompanying
B. are accompanying
C. accompanies
D. accompany

Ans: A. is accompanying

Question 17.

__ there any vegetables in the dish ?

A. Was
B. Were
C. Have
D. Had

Ans: B. Were

Tenses MCQs all set

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