Tenses Set – 2 Multiple Choice Questions

Question 1.

John __ tennis once or twice a week

A.plays usually
B.is usually playing
C.is playing usually
D.usually plays

Ans: D.usually plays

Question 2.

We telephoned Carol but she __.

A.was leaving
B.has left
C.had left
D.have left

Ans: C.had left

Question 3.

We __ the room when she arrived.

A.had cleaned
B.are cleaned
C.have cleaned
D.is cleaned

Ans: A.had cleaned

Question 4.

When Mariah reached home, Mike __ dinner.

A.have cooked
B.has cooked
C.had cooked
D.is cooked

Ans: C.had cooked

Question 5.

Ai Ling __ to Manhattan is 1997.

A.has been transferred
B.should be transferred
C.was transferred
D.is transferred

Ans: C.was transferred

Question 6.

The roof may have been leaking for the past few weeks but you do not have to worry about it any longer. It __ now.

A.is being repaired
B.is repairing
C.was repaired
D.has repaired

Ans: A.is being repaired

Question 7.

Shareen __ her driving test on the first attempt.

A.is passing
C.was passing
D.has been passing

Ans: B.passed

Question 8.

The clerk __ the money from the bank by one o-clock.

A.has withdrawn
B.will have withdrawn
C.is withdrawing
D.had been withdrawing

Ans: B.will have withdrawn

Question 9.

It’s two years __ Joe.

A.since I saw
B.that I don’t see
C.since I didn’t see
D.that I haven’t seen

Ans: A.since I saw

Question 10.

Doris was sad because she _ the test.

A.is failed
B.had failed
C.was failed
D.has failed

Ans: B.had failed

Question 11.

Mr. Gill _ the boys before what would happen if he ever caught them smoking.

A.was told
B.has told
C.had told
D.have told

Ans: C.had told

Question 12.

I __ along the road for a kilometer when I realized that I was on the wrong road.

A.have driven
B.am driven
C.has driven
D.had driven

Ans: D.had driven

Question 13.

Passengers __ to smoke in the train.

A.was not allowed
B.had not allowed
C.will not allow
D.are not allowed

Ans: D.are not allowed

Question 14.

The price __, but I doubt whether it will remain so.

A.will go down
B.went down
C.was going down
D.has gone down

Ans: D.has gone down

Question 15.

The old lady _ for a long time before she _ away.

A.had been suffering, passed
B.is suffering, passed
C.has suffered, was passing
D.was suffering, had passed

Ans: A.had been suffering, passed

Question 16.

Charles _ his father in the shop until school _ .

A.is helping, starts
B.helped, was starting
C.was helping, will start
D.has helped, is starting

Ans: A.is helping, starts

Question 17.

__ a car when they were living in London ?

A.Had they
B.Have they had
C.Were they having
D.Did they have

Ans: D.Did they have

Question 18.

Edward said that he __ the book from Ramsey the day before.

A.were borrowed
B.was borrowed
C.have borrowed
D.had borrowed

Ans: D.had borrowed

Question 19.

Mr. Harry __ the doors before leaving the house.

A.was locked
B.have locked
C.had locked
D.has locked

Ans: C.had locked

Question 20.

We __ watching television when the phone rang.


Ans: A. were

Tenses MCQs all set

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