Tenses Set – 11 Multiple Choice Questions

Question 1.

The machine _ of many parts, the names of which I always _.

A. is consisting; forget
B. consists; am forgetting
C. consists; forget
D. is consisting; is forgetting

Ans: C. consists; forget

Question 2.

_ you ever _ by the teacher before ?

A. Did … scold
B. Are … scolded
C. Have … been scolding
D. Have … been scolded

Ans: D. Have … been scolded

Question 3.

Someone __ my things. The cupboard is in a mess.

A. has stolen
B. has been stolen
C. steals
D. has been stealing

Ans: A. has stolen

Question 4.

She __ for him since she received the telephone call.

A. have waited
B. is waiting
C. has been waited
D. has been waiting

Ans: D. has been waiting

Question 5.

Traffic _ to flow more smoothly when work on widening the highway _.

A. expects; is completed
B. is being expected; is completed
C. is expected; is completed
D. is expected; is being completed

Ans: C. is expected; is completed

Question 6.

They __ to each other since they quarreled.

A. has not talked
B. do not talk
C. have not been talked
D. have not been talking

Ans: D. have not been talking

Question 7.

She __ cakes; there’s flour on her hands.

A. has baked
B. bakes
C. has been baked
D. has been baking

Ans: D. has been baking

Question 8.

I __ the watch that you lost yesterday.

A. find
B. have been finding
C. have found
D. am finding

Ans: C. have found

Question 9.

The doorbell __ twice.

A. has rung
B. rings
C. is ringing
D. has been ringing

Ans: A. has rung

Question 10.

_ she _ her documents again ?

A. Has … been misplacing
B. Has … been misplaced
C. Has … misplaced
D. Is … misplacing

Ans: C. Has … misplaced

Question 11.

She __ all afternoon, yet she complains of a headache.

A. had rested
B. is resting
C. have rested
D. has been resting

Ans: D. has been resting

Question 12.

_ you _ the meanings of any of those difficult words so far ?

A. Have … been found
B. Have … been finding
C. Have … found
D. Are … finding

Ans: C. Have … found

Question 13.

The tenants __ a month to vacate the house.

A. is being given
B. have given
C. have been giving
D. have been given

Ans: D. have been given

Question 14.

My back is aching because I __ the furniture in the living room.

A. has rearranged
B. rearranged
C. have been rearranged
D. have been rearranging

Ans: D. have been rearranging

Question 15.

A priceless article __ from the showroom.

A. has been stealing
B. has stolen
C. is stealing
D. has been stolen

Ans: D. has been stolen

Question 16.

_ you _ the forms yet ?

A. Have … submitted
B. Are … submitting
C. Have … been submitted
D. Have … been submitting

Ans: A. Have … submitted

Tenses MCQs all set

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