Tenses Set – 10 Multiple Choice Questions

Question 1.

Katie liked __ the weaker girls in her class with their work.

A. help
B. helps
C. has helped
D. helping

Ans: D. helping

Question 2.

Will you please __ down the volume of the radio ?

A. turn
B. turns
C. turned
D. turning

Ans: A. turn

Question 3.

The goods __ by ship on the fifth of July.

A. arrive
B. is arriving
C. are arriving
D. have arrived

Ans: C. are arriving

Question 4.

The train __ for Penang at half past eight.

A. are leaving
B. leaves
C. is left
D. is being left

Ans: B. leaves

Question 5.

Nether Yiliang nor Terry __ happy with the situation.

A. is
B. are
C. were
D. have

Ans: A. is

Question 6.

During lunch today, I __ fishball noodles.

A. has
B. have
C. had
D. am having

Ans: C. had

Question 7.

You __ a large amount of flour to make a cake.

A. requires
B. require
C. is required
D. are required

Ans: B. require

Question 8.

Nobody ever __ to be called a coward.

A. want
B. wants
C. wanted
D. wanting

Ans: B. wants

Question 9.

Not all the durians __ ripe.

A. is
B. are
C. was
D. have

Ans: B. are

Question 10.

Nowadays a lot of children _ how to swim.

A. knows
B. know
C. are knowing
D. are being known

Ans: B. know

Question 11.

He __ about the food sold at his school canteen.

A. is always complaining
B. always complained
C. have always complained
D. been always complaining

Ans: A. is always complaining

Question 12.

The policeman __ our neighborhood every day.

A. are patrolling
B. patrols
C. is being patrolled
D. is patrolled

Ans: B. patrols

Question 13.

Each of the helpers ______a souvenir after the parade.

A. get
B. gotten
C. gets
D. are getting

Ans: C. gets

Question 14.

None of these letters __ from my pen pal !

A. is
B. are
C. was
D. were

Ans: A. is

Question 15.

Marianne and her mother __ the same hair color.

A. has
B. have
C. are
D. is

Ans: B. have

Question 16.

The Chua family __ on a trip to Malacca this weekend.

A. went
B. going
C. is going
D. go

Ans: C. is going

Question 17.

Please __ me the salt and pepper.

A. pass
B. passes
C. passed
D. passing

Ans: A. pass

Question 18.

Do you know who __ so much noise ?

A. are made
B. are making
C. is made
D. is making

Ans: D. is making

Question 19.

_ you _ that tomorrow is the last day of the year ?

A. organizes
B. is organizing
C. has organized
D. are organizing

Ans: D. are organizing

Question 20.

The files __ in the locked cabinet. Get the key from Mrs. Naidu.

A. keeps
B. are kept
C. are keeping
D. is being kept

Ans: B. are kept

Tenses MCQs all set

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