Tenses Set – 1 Multiple Choice Questions

Question 1.

When I went back to my hometown three years ago, I found that a lot of changes __.

A. had taken place
B. have taken place
C. are taken place
D. were taken place

Ans: A. had taken place

Question 2.

Firemen who battled the fire reported that is __ under control after forty minutes.

A. can be brought
B. was brought
C. has been brought
D. is brought

Ans: B. was brought

Question 3.

The members __ for a new committee in the coming meeting.

A. were voting
B. are voting
C. had voted
D. have noted

Ans: B. are voting

Question 4.

I __ an appointment with the dentist soon.

A. have made
B. will make
C. made
D. make

Ans: B. will make

Question 5.

Don’t worry __ late tonight.

A. when I am
B. if I’ll be
C. if I am
D. when I’ll be

Ans: C. if I am

Question 6.

The man sitting next to me on the plane was nervous because he __ before.

A. didn’t fly
B. hadn’t flown
C. hasn’t flown
D. wasn’t flying

Ans: B. hadn’t flown

Question 7.

Jeffrey told me that he __ the pen because he thought it was his.

A. has taken
B. had taken
C. was taken
D. have taken

Ans: B. had taken

Question 8.

When Mrs. Black reached the shop, Mr. Kevin _ already __.

A. was … left
B. has … left
C. have … left
D. had … left

Ans: D. had … left

Question 9.

Look ! A hamster __ by a cat.

A. has been chased
B. was being chased
C. is being chased
D. is chased

Ans: C. is being chased

Question 10.

The students __ to leave the building immediately.

A. have been ordered
B. will order
C. ordered
D. have ordered

Ans: A. have been ordered

Question 11.

They __ ready for his moment for weeks.

A. get
B. get getting
C. will get
D. have been getting

Ans: D. have been getting

Question 12.

The people next door __ a lot of noise until past midnight.

A. were making
B. was making
C. are making
D. have making

Ans: A. were making

Question 13.

We’re good friends. We __ each other for a long time.

A. have known
B. have been knowing
C. know
D. knew

Ans: A. have known

Question 14.

Allen __ out when Barry arrived.

A. had gone
B. has gone
C. going
D. go

Ans: A. had gone

Question 15.

The girls __ their housework before they came.

A. had done
B. are done
C. has done
D. is done

Ans: A. had done

Question 16.

“I __ to Mrs Sze about your matter. She wants you to see her as soon as possible,” Mr. Goh said.

A. have spoken
B. has spoken
C. had spoken
D. are spoken

Ans: A. have spoken

Question 17.

I’m sorry the house is not available any longer. It __ to a timber tycoon.

A. was being sold
B. will be sold
C. is sold
D. has been sold

Ans: D. has been sold

Question 18.

In future, famous singers __ to perform at charity concerts.

A. has been invited
B. will be invited
C. were invited
D. are invited

Ans: B .will be invited

Question 19.

_ Pam and Bobby _ the rules ?

A. Were, knowing
B. Does, knows
C. Are, knowing
D. Do, know

Ans: D. Do, know

Question 20.

A journalist __ to interview you later today.

A. had come
B. came
C. has been coming
D. will be coming

Ans: D. will be coming

Tenses MCQs all set

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