Sports GK Questions – MCQs on Sports General Knowledge UPSC SSC RRB APSC Competitive Examinations Set-1

Q.1 .What does the Olympic Flame symbolize?

[A] zeal to play sports
[B] Challenge
[C] Continuity
[D] Integrity

Q.2. Which national cycling sports organisation was not among the founding members of International Cycling Union?

[A] Switzerland
[B] France
[C] Belgium
[D] Spain

Q.3. Where has been the current World Cup Trophy designed in the world?

[A] Australia
[B] India
[C] London
[D] South Africa

Q.4. What is the name of the ice hockey designed for players who have a physical disability?

[A] Sledge Hockey
[B] Bandy
[C] Roller Hockey
[D] Rink Hockey

Q.5. Which female archer was the world record holder from 2004 to 2015 for the women’s 72-arrow round?

[A] Park Sung-hyun
[B] Yun Mi-jin
[C] Kim Nam-soon
[D] Kim Soo-nyung

Answer: A [Park Sung-hyun]

Q.6. Which of the following stadiums in India was the first to Host a Test match in Independent India?

[A] Gymkhana Ground, Mumbai
[B] Feroz Shah Kotla, Delhi
[C] Eden Gardens, Kolkata
[D] M. A. Chidambaram Stadium, Chennai

Answer: B [Feroz Shah Kotla, Delhi]

Q.7. Where was the first Winter Olympics held?

[A] Greece
[B] France
[C] Germany
[D] England

Q.8. How many Medals were won by Indian National Badminton team at the Commonwealth Games?

[A] 10
[B] 12
[C] 19
[D] 8

Q.9. Which sport’s informal version is “Shinny”?

[A] Polo
[B] Golf
[C] Rugby
[D] Hockey

Q.10. Which sport’s competition is known as the “Polish Superliga”?

[A] Football
[B] Basketball
[C] Baseball
[D] Handball

Q.11. On which among the following courts, Chennai Open is played ?

[A] Clay court
[B] Grass Court
[C] Hard Court
[D] Carpet Court

Answer: C [Hard Court]

Q.12. When was the first time the metric units were introduced in the Games instead of the imperial units?

[A] 1970
[B] 1958
[C] 1962
[D] 1966

Q.13. Who is the current President of SFI?

[A] Digambar V. Kamat
[B] Virendra Nanavati
[C] Kamlesh Nanavati
[D] Malav Shroff

Q.14. Which Indian football player is known as “Captain Fantastic”?

[A] Sunil Chhetri
[B] Bhaichung Bhutia
[C] I M Vijayan
[D] Pradip Kumar Banerjee

Q.15. The “Andebol 1” is the premier handball league of which country?

[A] Spain
[B] Portugal
[C] France
[D] Belgium

Q.16. Which sport does Lalita Babar represent?

[A] Long Jump
[B] 3000m steeplechase
[C] Shot put
[D] High jump

Q.17. Which organisation is responsible for the control of rules of the Football?

[B] FIFA Council
[C] Olympics Council

Q.18. The first ancient Olympic Games was dated to which year?

[A] 1776 BC
[B] 776 BC
[C] 776 AD
[D] 1776 AD

Q.19. Which female tennis player won the most number of Grand Slam tournaments?

[A] Serena Williams
[B] Steffi Graf
[C] Margaret Court
[D] Billie Jean King

Q.20. India’s first Centre for Wetland Conservation and Management has been set up in which Indian city?

[A] Cochin
[B] Chennai
[C] Vishakhapatnam
[D] Guwahati

Q.21. Who had won a Gold Medal in the second 2018 ISSF Junior World Cup in the 10m air rifle event for women?

[A] Elavenil Valarivan
[B] Zeru Wang
[C] Sofia Benetti
[D] Ying-Shin Lin

Q.22. Where were the 1934 British Empire Games held?

[A] Johannesburg
[B] New South Wales
[C] Sydney
[D] London

Q.23. The tradition of the “Olympic torch relay” was started in which Olympic Games?

[A] 1928 Summer Olympics, Amsterdam
[B] 1936 Summer Olympics, Berlin
[C] 1908 Summer Olympics, London
[D] 1948 Summer Olympics, London

Q.24. Who became the “most-valued player” of the first FIBA Basketball World Championship held in 1950?

[A] Alvaro Salvadores
[B] Rufino Bernedo
[C] John Stanich
[D] Oscar Furlong

Q.25. The Supreme Court has directed which Mutual Fund company to distribute Rs 9122 crores to its unitholders?

[A] Baroda Mutual Fund
[B] BNP Paribas Mutual Fund
[C] Franklin Templeton Mutual Fund
[D] Aditya Birla Sun Life Mutual Fund

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