Shares below Rs 20 | Best Penny Stocks Under Rs 20 in 2023

Shares below Rs 20 – If seen in the Best Penny Stock Under 20 Rupees in 2023 in the Indian market, many such companies are seen trading at a price of Rs 20 or below. But if seen in the business of most of these companies, they do not look that good at all in terms of future, due to which in the long run most of the retail investors have to face huge losses due to huge investment in these low priced shares.

Today we are going to tell about 6 good 20 rupees shares, which company is working in its business in the future, as well as expanding its business gradually, due to which there is a lot of hope for this company in the coming times. Visible above the stock. Let us know in detail about these companies-

Shares below Rs 20

If seen in the Indian stock market, many shares of less than Rs 20 are seen, but among them today we will talk about the shares of those companies, which in the future, along with the good business of the company, will give a long life to the shareholder. Has full potential to give a very good return in time. Let us talk in detail about all those stocks below Rs.20 :-

Urja Global Ltd:-

Urja Global is the first name to be seen in our list of stocks below Rs 20, as the company is moving forward strongly in the Renewable Energy segment keeping the future in mind .

For the development of its business in the Renewable Energy segment, Urja Global is also working fast on many big projects, due to which there is some hope of the company showing good performance in the coming times.

And at the same time, Urja Global has also partnered with the Government of India to rapidly expand its energy segment, due to which the company gets to see many projects from time to time.

The best thing about Urja Global is that there is a very small amount of debt on the company, due to which the company can easily expand its business in the future.

Airan Ltd:-

Airan Ltd, our second number in the list of stocks below Rs 20, appears to be a very good IT sector company, in which the company offers a Diversify IT services like banking, telecom, software development to its customers. Along with this, the company is continuously increasing its services in the IT sector, due to which the business of the company is also increasing accordingly.

Due to offering the best and Diversify IT services to its customers, Airan’s customer base is growing at a very good pace. Many big banks like ICICI Bank, HDFC Bank, IDBI Bank and other companies like ITC, Adani are also seen using Airan’s IT services, due to which many new companies also take their services from Airan. Huwe is getting to see.

The way India is becoming digital in every sector, the way Airan is developing its services to take advantage of this growth, it definitely shows the full possibility of the company getting benefits in the future.

Orient Green Power Company Ltd:-

Orient Green Power, the third company in our list of stocks under Rs 20, is a leading company in India to generate power with the help of wind in the Renewable Energy sector .

Orient Green Power currently has a power production capacity of about 424.63 MW. The management is making full plans to increase it to about 1000 MW in the coming days, due to which there is full hope of a big growth in the business of the company.

If seen for some time, due to the increasing growth of the company, the promoters were seen coming out of their pledged holdings, due to which Orient Green Power is seen as a good company for the investors. If the company is seen increasing the business according to its plan, you will get to see tremendous growth in the share price as well.

Suzlon Energy Ltd:-

If we look at the list of shares related to power sector below Rs 20, Suzlon Energy is mainly engaged in generating power with the help of wind turbines as well as in component manufacturing related to it. If seen in the Clean Energy business, Suzlon Energy has been able to establish itself as a strong company in India as well as all over the world.

Due to the ever-increasing demand for clean energy for some time, the company’s revenue has also shown a good growth, due to which the company is seen reducing its debt.

If seen now, the share price of Suzlon Energy is being seen at Rs.11, if in the coming days too, if the growth of revenue is seen to maintain the same growth, then there is definitely a hope of a big jump in Suzlon Energy share.

Yes Bank:-

If we look at the stocks below Rs 20, Yes Bank, which used to be seen trading around Rs 400 earlier, is now seen below Rs 20 in our list, belonging to the banking sector at number five .

Due to the presence of many fraudsters in Yes Bank, there was a big fall in the share price, but now gradually the performance of the bank is improving.

Ever since the new management has taken over the reins of the bank, the performance of Yes Bank is looking very good due to many new good decisions.

If we look at the results of the last few quarters, the bank has been seen to present very good results, in the coming days also if the bank is seen to present such good results, then Yes Bank is going to be a very good investment in the share price below Rs.20.

Reliance Power Ltd:-

If we look at the shares of less than Rs.20, Anil Ambani’s company Reliance Power, which stood on the verge of drowning a few years ago, is now slowly seeing the company’s business coming back on track.

If we look at the power sector, Reliance Power is working on many big projects in Renewable Energy, due to which there is a lot of hope in the future for this company.

If seen for some time, Reliance Power is seen to be reducing its debt gradually along with consolidating its holding, and the management is planning to reduce its debt significantly in the coming years.

As the debt burden on Reliance Power will be reduced, you will see rapid growth in the business as well.

stock list below 20 rupees

SL’s namemarket cap
1Urja Global Ltd.382 Cr.
2Iron Ltd204 Cr.
3Orient Green Power Company Ltd644 Cr.
4Suzlon Energy Ltd7,897 Cr.
5Yes Bank43,650 Cr.
6Reliance Power Ltd3,829 Cr.

Investing in stocks below Rs 20 is risky.

  • Risk of rigging in stock price: – If the biggest risk is seen in the share of less than Rs.20, then due to the very low market cap of these companies, any big investor can take advantage of any news and increase the share price very high or There is a risk of downside, due to which retail investors may have to bear huge losses.
  • Not having much confidence in the business: – Most of the time it has been seen that the business is not seen as strong in the companies whose share price is below Rs. There can be an atmosphere of a big fall in the price.
  • Risk of buying at a high price:- Most of the retail investors place their orders in the Upper Circuit only after seeing the increasing share price in these shares, due to which whenever the retail investors get the shares then the purchase price is very high. Due to this, retail investors always seem to get trapped by buying these shares at high prices.

Investment rule in share price of Rs 20 or below

  • Investing in small amounts:- To invest in the stock price of Rs.20 or below, you should think of investing very small amounts in these stocks, when gradually the performance of the company is seen improving, then you You can also increase the investment amount little by little.
  • Buy only trading shares: – If you are thinking of investing in these shares with low prices, then you should never invest in these shares in Upper Circuit or Lower Circuit, only when there is a little trading in the share price. You should make up your mind to invest.
  • Investing for the long term:- You must always have a long term view to earn tremendous returns by investing in low priced good company shares. When the company will be seen improving its business performance gradually, accordingly you will see a good jump in the share price.

my opinion:-

In these low-priced shares, the more the shareholder has the ability to give more returns, along with that the risk of loss is also seen to be very high. If you keep a lot of these stocks in your portfolio, it will make your portfolio look very risky.

In my opinion, if you want to invest in stocks below Rs 20, then a very small portion of your portfolio should be there. Keep in mind that before taking any investment related decision, do not forget to take the help of your financial advisor once.

FAQs related to stocks below Rs 20

Will it be right to invest in a stock below Rs 20 for a long time?

Yes, you need to have a long term view to earn good returns in the shares of these companies.

How much money should be invested in a stock below Rs 20?

You should invest that much money in these low priced stocks, as much as the loss does not affect your financial condition.

When is it right to invest in a stock priced below Rs 20?

When there is a gradual improvement in the business performance of the company, then you can think of investing in these low priced shares.

I hope after reading the Best Penny Stock Under 20 Rupees in 2023 article, you must have got complete information about the companies. If you still have any question related to this article, then do not forget to ask in the comment section. To stay updated with such important information related to the share market, you must also read our other articles.

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