Physics MCQs Set – 14

Question 1.

The intensity ratio of waves is 25 : 9. What is the ratio of their amplitudes?

A. 50 : 18
B. 25 : 9
C. 3 : 5
D. 5 : 3

Ans: D. 5 : 3

Question 2.

If a band is played on the moon the sound will

A. Reverberate
B. Be heard by us faintly
C. Be heard upto 10km from it
D. Not be heard at any distance at all from it

Ans: D. Not be heard at any distance at all from it

Question 3.

For which of the following substances, the resistance decreases with increase in temperature?

A. Pure silicon
B. Copper
C. Nichrome
D. Platinum

Ans: C. Nichrome

Question 4.

The rate of flow of electric charge is measured in

A. Ampere
B. Coulomb
C. Ampere/coulomb
D. Ampere-coulomb

Ans: A. Ampere

Question 5.

The velocity of sound in air

A. Decreases with increase of temperature
B. Increases with decrease of temperature
C. Does not depend on temperature
D. Decreases with decrease of temperature

Ans: D. Decreases with decrease of temperature

Question 6.

The shape of our milky way galaxy is

A. Circular
B. Elliptical
C. Spiral
D. None of the above

Ans: C. Spiral

Question 7.

The S.I. unit of electric charge is :

A. Ampere
B. Coulomb
C. E.s.u
D. Kelvin

Ans: B. Coulomb

Question 8.

A device which is used to limit the current in an electrical circuit is called a

A. Grid
B. Fuse
C. Hub
D. Conductor

Ans: B. Fuse

Question 9.

Infrasonic sound has a frequency lower than

A. 5 Hz
B. 15 Hz
C. 20 Hz
D. 32 Hz

Ans: C. 20 Hz

Question 10.

The colours of stars depend on their

A. Temperature
B. Distance
C. Radius
D. Atmospheric pressure

Ans: A. Temperature

Question 11.

Indicate the false statement about the resistance of a wire

A. It depends on material of wire
B. It is directly proportional to the length of wire
C. It is directly proportional to the area of cross-section of wire
D. Resistance of metallic wire increases with increase in temperature

Ans: C. It is directly proportional to the area of cross-section of wire

Question 12.

Materials that allow electricity to flow are called

A. Insulators
B. Conductors
C. Electron flows
D. Stimulators

Ans: B. Conductors

Question 13.

When a vibrating tuning fork is placed on a table, a loud sound is heard. This is due to :

A. Reflection
B. Refraction
C. Forced vibrations
D. Damped vibrations

Ans: C. Forced vibrations

Question 14.

The substance which conducts current in the solid state is

A. Diamond
B. Graphite
C. Iodine
D. Sodium chloride

Ans: B. Graphite

Question 15.

The magnitude of current flowing between two end points of a conductor is proportional to the potential difference between them and is called as:

A. Avogadro’s law
B. Rault’s law
C. Ohms law
D. Faraday’s law

Ans: C. Ohms law

Question 16.

The fundamental scientific principle in the operation of battery is

A. Acid-base interaction
B. Dialysis
C. Dissociation of electrolytes
D. Oxidation-reduction

Ans: C. Dissociation of electrolytes

Question 17.

Quality of a musical note depends on

A. Fundamental frequency
B. Amplitude of the wave
C. Harmonics present
D. Velocity of sound in the medium

Ans: C. Harmonics present

Question 18.

Electric current is measured by which instrument?

A. Voltmeter
B. Ammeter
C. Barometer
D. Sinometer

Ans: B. Ammeter

Question 19.

What is the SI unit of electric current?

A. Newton
B. Joule
C. Ampere
D. Watt

Ans: C. Ampere

Question 20.

If the current flowing through a circuit is 0.6 A for 6 mins, the amount of electric charge flowing through it is __

A. 360C
B. 216 C
C. 60 C
D. 36 C

Ans: B. 216 C

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