Physics MCQs Set – 13

Question 1.

The unit of noise pollution (level) is :

A. Decibel
B. Decimal
C. Ppm
D. None of these

Ans: A. Decibel

Question 2.

Hertz is the SI unit of

A. Weight
B. Power
C. Pressure
D. Frequency

Ans: D. Frequency

Question 3.

Noise is measured in

A. Watt
C. Centigrade
D. Decibel

Ans: D. Decibel

Question 4.

What is the SI unit of intensity of sound?

A. Decibel
B. Newton
C. Heartz
D. Tesla

Ans: A. Decibel

Question 5.

The speed of sound travel fastest through

A. Liquid
B. Solid
C. Gas
D. None of the above

Ans: B. Solid

Question 6.

The velocity of the sound is highest in

A. Metal
B. Air
C. Water
D. Vacuum

Ans: A. Metal

Question 7.

Man perceives sound vibrations in the frequency ranges of

A. 0 – 5 Hz
B. 6 – 10 Hz
C. 11 – 20 Hz
D. 20 – 20000 Hz

Ans: D. 20 – 20000 Hz

Question 8.

Sound cannot pass through

A. Water
B. Steel
C. Air
D. Vacuum

Ans: D. Vacuum

Question 9.

Compressions and Rarefactions are characteristic of

A. Longitudinal waves
B. Transverse waves
C. Both A & B
D. Neither of A & B

Ans: A. Longitudinal waves

Question 10.

The ordinary and maximum tolerance limit of sound by human being is

A. 50 db to 70 db (decibel)
B. 60 db to 80 db (decibel)
C. 65 db to 75 db (decibel)
D. 70 db to 85 db (decibel)

Ans: B. 60 db to 80 db (decibel)

Question 11.

Instrument used to study the behaviour of a vibrating string is :

A. Barometer
B. Hydrometer
C. Hygrometer
D. Sonometer

Ans: D. Sonometer

Question 12.

Sound waves cannot travel in

A. Vacuum
B. Water
C. Glass
D. Hydrogen gas

Ans: A. Vacuum

Question 13.

Least audible sound for most of the human ear is :

A. 10.0 µ bar
B. 0.0002 µ bar
C. 0.005 µ bar
D. 5.0 µ bar

Ans: B. 0.0002 µ bar

Question 14.

In SONAR which kind of wave is used?

A. Infrasonic
B. Ultrasonic
C. Radio
D. Audible sound

Ans: B. Ultrasonic

Question 15.

Among the following materials sound travels fastest in

A. Steel
B. Air
C. Vacuum
D. Water

Ans: A. Steel

Question 16.

The quality or tone of a musical sound produced by a stringed instrument depends on

A. Frequency of vibration
B. Length of the strings in the instrument
C. Amplitude of vibration
D. Wave form of the sound

Ans: D. Wave form of the sound

Question 17.

Hertz is a unit for measuring

A. Intensity of waves
B. Frequency of waves
C. Wavelength
D. Clarity of waves

Ans: B. Frequency of waves

Question 18.

Sound waves cannot travel through

A. Gas
B. Liquid
C. Vacuum
D. Solid

Ans: C. Vacuum

Question 19.

Sound becomes hazardous noise pollution at decibels?

A. Above 120 db
B. Above 80 db
C. Above 50 db
D. Above 30 db

Ans: A. Above 120 db

Question 20.

Which determines the frequency of a sound wave?

A. Amplitude
B. Speed
C. Source
D. Medium

Ans: A. Amplitude

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