Physics MCQs GK objective Questions GK test Set – 75

Question 1.

The distance between node and adjacent antinode is 30 cm. The wavelength is

A. 30 cm.
B. 90 cm.
C. 120 cm.
D. 60 cm.

Ans: D. 60 cm.

Question 2.

For which one of the following, ”Diodes” are generally used for?

A. Rectification
B. Amplification
C. Modulation
D. Filtration

Ans: A. Rectification

Question 3.

Where is a transistor most likely to be found ?

A. Wrist watch
B. Fuse
C. Hearing aid
D. Fluorescent lamp

Ans: C. Hearing aid

Question 4.

In a Laser (say neon laser) all the atoms emit the light waves of

A. Same frequency
B. Same amplitude
C. Same phase
D. All of the above

Ans: D. All of the above

Question 5.

The material used in the fabrication of a transistor is

A. Aluminium
B. Copper
C. Silicon
D. Silver


Question 6.

The width of depletion layer of a P-N junction

A. Decreases with light doping
B. Increases with heavy doping
C. Is independent of applied voltage
D. Is increased under reverse bias

Ans: D. Is increased under reverse bias

Question 7.

Solids which conduct electricity at higher temperature but not at lower temperature are called

A. Super-conductor
B. Metallic-conductor
C. Semi-conductor
D. Insulator

Ans: C. Semi-conductor

Question 8.

The Laser is a beam of radiations which are

A. Non-coherent and monochromatic
B. Coherent and monochromatic
C. Non-coherent and non-monochromatic
D. Coherent and non-monochromatic

Ans: B. Coherent and monochromatic

Question 9.

For which Diode is used ?

A. Modulation
B. Oscillation
C. Amplification
D. Purification

Ans: D. Purification

Question 10.

The impurity atoms with which silicon should be doped to make p-type semiconductors are

A. Phosphorus
B. Antimony
C. Boron
D. Germanium

Ans: C. Boron

Question 11.

Which one among the following components can not be developed within an ”integrated circuit”?

A. Diode
B. Triode
C. Transformer
D. Transistor

Ans: C. Transformer

Question 12.

In quantum mechanics a particle is represented by a

A. Wave
B. Wave packet
C. Particle
D. None of the above

Ans: B. Wave packet

Question 13.

The complete form of ‘IC’ in electronics is

A. Internal circuit
B. Independent circuit
C. Integrated circuit
D. Inbuilt circuit

Ans: C. Integrated circuit

Question 14.

Which of the following is used for regulated electric supply ?

A. Zener diode
B. Junction diode
C. Gun diode
D. Tunnel diode

Ans: A. Zener diode

Question 15.

A metal semiconductor junction diode is called __

A. Schottky diode
B. Photo diode
C. Tunnel diode
D. P-N Junction diode

Ans: A. Schottky diode

Question 16.

The p wave of a normal Electrocardiogram indicates

A. Atrial depolarization
B. Ventricular repolarization
C. Atrial repolarization
D. Ventricular depolarization

Ans: A. Atrial depolarization

Question 17.

In electronics what comes under tank circuit ?

A. Resistance and capacity
B. Resistance and inductance
C. Capacity and inductance
D. Resistance, capacity and inductance

Ans: C. Capacity and inductance

Question 18.

A NOT gate can be implemented by:

A. A single diode
B. Two diodes
C. A single resistor
D. A single transistor

Ans: D. A single transistor

Question 19.

Universal gates are

A. AND and OR
B. OR and NOT
D. AND and XOR

Ans: C. NAND and NOR

Question 20.

Which of the following phenomenon helps to conclude that light is a transverse wave?

A. Interference
B. Diffraction
C. Polarisation
D. Refraction

Ans: C. Polarisation

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