Physics MCQs GK objective Questions GK test Set – 69

Question 1.

Tape recorder should not be kept near one of the following things :

A. Clock
B. Magnet
C. Electrical switchboard
D. Radio

Ans: B. Magnet

Question 2.

Which of the following group of elements are diamagnetic?

A. Argon, copper, silver
B. Hydrogen, argon, copper
C. Oxygen, copper, silver
D. Hydrogen, oxygen, Argon

Ans: A. Argon, copper, silver

Question 3.

Magnetism in materials is due to

A. Electrons at rest
B. Circular motion of electrons
C. Protons at rest
D. All neutrons at rest

Ans: B. Circular motion of electrons

Question 4.

The domain theory of magnetism applies to

A. Aluminium
B. Copper
C. Silver
D. Cobalt

Ans: D. Cobalt

Question 5.

Eddy current is generated by

A. Conduction
B. Induction
C. Convection
D. Direct Current

Ans: B. Induction

Question 6.

At the Curie temperature, the ferromagnetic materials get converted into

A. Diamagnetic materials
B. Non-magnetic materials
C.Paramagnetic materials
D. None of the others

Ans: C.Paramagnetic materials

Question 7.

The method of magnetisation is:

A. Hammering a magnet
B. Heating a magnet
C. Passing direct current through it
D. Passing alternating current through it

Ans: A. Hammering a magnet

Question 8.

The paramagnetic theory of magnetism applies to

A. Nickel
B. Mercury
C. Iron
D. Platinum

Ans: D. Platinum

Question 9.

Which of the following circuit elements is used to ”block” DC in an electronic circuit ?

A. Resistances
B. Capacitance
C. Inductance
D. Diode

Ans: B. Capacitance

Question 10.

In the process of magnetisation of a bar

A. The entire bulk of the bar gets magnetised
B. Only the surface of the bar gets magnetised
C. Only the ends of the bar get magnetised
D. Only some parts of the outer layers of the bar get magnetised

Ans: A. The entire bulk of the bar gets magnetised

Question 11.

Magnetic keepers are pieces of

A. Nickel
B. Cobalt
C. Steel
D. Soft iron

Ans: C. Away from electrical wiring

Question 12.

Where should a boat compass be mounted?

A. Near magnet
B. Near iron
C. Away from electrical wiring
D. All the above

Ans: C. Away from electrical wiring

Question 13.

A photostat machine works on

A. Electromagnetic image making
B. Electrostatic image making
C. Magnetic image making
D. Thermal image making

Ans: B. Electrostatic image making

Question 14.

Magnetic domains normally occur in

A. Copper
B. Silver
C. Iron
D. All of the above

Ans: C. Iron

Question 15.

Curie point is the temperature at which

A. Matter becomes radioactive
B. A metal loses magnetic properties.
C. A metal loses conductivity
D. Transmutation of metal occurs.

Ans: B. A metal loses magnetic properties.

Question 16.

Which of the following properties is found only in ferromagnetic materials ?

A. Susceptibility independent of temperature
B. Point in a particular direction
C. Hysteresis
D. Attracting a magnetic substance

Ans: C. Hysteresis

Question 17.

On which of the following techniques photostate machine works ?

A. Magnetic Image—Making
B. Thermal Image—Making
C. Electrostatic Image—Making
D. Electromagnetic Image— Making

Ans: C. Electrostatic Image—Making

Question 18.

A small piece of a substance is weakly attracted by a strong magnetic field. The substance is

A. Diamagnetic
B. Ferromagnetic
C. Paramagnetic
D. Non-magnetic

Ans: C. Paramagnetic

Question 19.

Tesla is a unit of magnetic :

A. Flux
B. Induction
C. Moment
D. Field

Ans: D. Field

Question 20.

Magnetic field lines about a current-carrying wire

A. Circle the wire in closed loops
B. Extend radially from the wire
C. Both of these
D. None of the above

Ans: A. Circle the wire in closed loops

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