Physics MCQs GK objective Questions GK test Set – 59

Question 1.

Which physical quantity is measured in ‘siemens’?

A. Electric potential
B. Electrical conductance
C. Magnetic flux
D. Refractive index

Ans: B. Electrical conductance

Question 2.

Two vectors are said to be equal if

A. Only their magnitudes are same
B. Only their directions are same
C. Both magnitude and direction are same
D. Magnitudes are same but directions are opposite

Ans: C. Both magnitude and direction are same

Question 3.

In a __ the wave particles of the medium vibrate in a direction perpendicular to the direction of wave propagation

A. Longitudinal
B. Rolling
C. Transverse
D. Field

Ans: C. Transverse

Question 4.

The wavelength of a wave is the distance between
A. Crest and Trough
B. Crest and Crest
C. Trough and Trough
D. Both B & C

Ans: D. Both B & C

Question 5.

Hydroscope is an instrument that shows changes in:

A. Sound under water
B. Atmospheric humidity
C. Density of liquid
D. None of these

Ans: D. None of these

Question 6.

Which of the following is a vector quantity?

A. Area
B. Power
C. Electric Current
D. Energy

Ans: A. Area

Question 7.

Which of the following is the unit of perceived loudness of sound ?

A. Decibel
B. Sone
C. Hertz
D. Phon

Ans: C. Hertz

Question 8.

Longitudinal waves cannot travel through

A. Vacuum
B. Solid
C. Liquid
D. Gas

Ans: A. Vacuum

Question 9.

Unit of impedance is __

A. Ohm
B. Henry
C. Tesla
D. Hertz

Ans: A. Ohm

Question 10.

Which of the following is not a vector quantity?

A. Acceleration
B. Density
C. Displacement
D. Impulse

Ans: B. Density

Question 11.

The component used for tuning a radio is basically a variable

A. Resisto
B. Condenser
C. Inductor
D. Transformer

Ans: B. Condenser

Question 12.

Flight Recorder is technically called :

A. Dark box
B. Blind box
C. Black box
D. Altitude meter

Ans: C. Black box

Question 13.

Stress can be defined as __ quantity.

B. Vector
C. Phasor
D. Tensor

Ans: D. Tenso

Question 14.

Which of the following is not a vector quantity ?

A. Speed
B. Velocity
C. Torque
D. Displacement

Ans: A. Speed

Question 15.

A wave with high amplitude have

A. High pitch
B. Low energy
C. High energy
D. Low pitch

Ans: C. High energy

Question 16.

A gradual increase in loudness is known as

A. Crescendo
B. Timbre
C. Fortissimo
D. None of the above

Ans: A. Crescendo

Question 17.

In spherical polar coordinates (l, q, a), q denotes the polar angle around z-axis and a denotes the azimuthal angle raised from x-axis . Then the y-component of P is given by

A. Psinq sina
B. Psinq cosa
C. Pcosq sina
D. Pcosq cosa

Ans: A. Psinq sina

Question 18.

These waves cannot be transmitted through vacuum.

A. Light
B. Sound
C. Heat
D. Electromagnetic

Ans: B. Sound

Question 19.

A standing wave occurs when

A. A wave reflects upon itself
B. The amplitude of a wave exceeds its wavelength
C. Two waves overlap
D. The speed of the wave is zero or near zero

Ans: A. A wave reflects upon itself

Question 20.

Which of the following property of sound is affected by change in air temperature?

A. Frequency
B. Intensity
C. Amplitude
D. Wavelength

Ans: D. Wavelength

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