Physics MCQs GK objective Questions GK test Set – 58

Question 1.

1 Micron is equal to

A. 10–9 m
B. 10–12 m
C. 10–6 m
D. 10–15 m

Ans: C. 10–6 m

Question 2.

‘Farad’ is the unit of :

A. Capacitance
B. Inductance
C. Resistance
D. Conductance

Ans: A. Capacitance

Question 3.

Red light has a wavelength of 70 A°. In “nm” it is

A. 7 nm
B. 0.07 nm
C. 70 nm
D. 700 nm

Ans: D. 700 nm

Question 4.

The SI unit of luminous emittance is :

A. Lux
B. Candela
C. Lumen
D. Lumen second

Ans: A. Lux

Question 5.

A micron is equal to

A. 0.1 mm
B. 0.01 mm
C. 0.001 mm
D. 0.0001 mm

Ans: C. 0.001 mm

Question 6.

Which of the following have the same unit ?

A. Work and power
B. Torque and moment of inertia
C. Work and torque
D. Torque and angular momentum

Ans: C. Work and torque

Question 7.

Lux is the SI unit of

A. Luminous flux
B. Luminous efficiency
C. Intensity of illumination
D. Luminous intensity

Ans: C. Intensity of illumination

Question 8.

The unit of measurement of noise is

A. Decibel
B. Hertz
C. Amplifier
D. Acoustics

Ans: A. Decibel

Question 9.

Depth of ocean is measured by

A. Animometer
B. Aerometer
C. Siesmometer
D. Fathometer

Ans: D. Fathometer

Question 10.

Kilohertz is a unit which measures

A. Electromagnetic radio wave frequencies
B. Electric resistance
C. Power used by a current of one ampere
D. Voltage

Ans: A. Electromagnetic radio wave frequencies

Question 11.

Which of the following are used for accurately measuring very small time intervals ?

A. Pulsars
B. Quartz clocks
C. Atomic clocks
D. White dwarfs

Ans: D. White dwarfs

Question 12.

Which of the following pair is Incorrect?
I. Parsec – Distance
II. Barrel – Liquid
III. Light year – Time

A. Only III
B. Only I and III
C. Only II
D. All are correct

Ans: A. Only III

Question 13.

‘Parsec’ is the unit measurement of

A. Density of stars
B. Astronomical distance
C. Brightness of heavenly bodies
D. Orbital velocity of giant stars

Ans: B. Astronomical distance

Question 14.

What is the unit of the physical quantity “Inductance”?

A. Weber
B. Farad
C. Henry
D. Tesla

Ans: C. Henry

Question 15.

Which of the following is the unit of Astronomical Distance ?

A. Metre/sec
B. Sec
C. Para/sec
D. Parsec

Ans: A. Metre/sec

Question 16.

Radian is used to measure

A. Temperature
B. Intensity of Flame
C. Angle
D. Solid Angle

Ans: C. Angle

Question 17.

Analog synthesis refers to a technology based on

A. Placing brief digital recordings of live sounds under the control of a synthesizer keyboard.
B. Interfacing synthesizer equipment.
C. Representing data in terms of measurable physical quantities.
D. Representing physical quantities as numbers.

Ans: C. Representing data in terms of measurable physical quantities.

Question 18.

Pycnometer is an instrument used to measure the

A. Density
B. Intensity of solar radiation
C. Intensity of earthquake
D. High temperatures

Ans: A. Density

Question 19.

What is unit of Astronomical distance ?

A. Light year
B. Angstrom
C. Weber
D. Lux

Ans: A. Light year

Question 20.

What is the unit of the physical quantity Entropy?

A. Watt per kelvin
B. Newton per kelvin
C. Pascal per kelvin
D. Joule per kelvin

Ans: D. Joule per kelvin

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