Physics MCQs GK objective Questions GK test Set – 52

Question 1.

Refrigeration is a process which

A. Kills bacteria
B. Slows down the bacterial growth
C. Inactivates the bacteria
D. Plasmolyses the bacteria

Ans: B. Slows down the bacterial growth

Question 2.

__ states that internal energy is a function of state and the increase in internal energy is equal to the sum of the heat supplied to system and work done by the system.

A. First law of thermodynamics
B. Hooke’s Law
C. The coulomb’s law
D. Faraday’s Law

Ans: A. First law of thermodynamics

Question 3.

In a refrigerator, the cooling system should always be

A. At the top
B. At the bottom
C. At the middle
D. Can be anywhere

Ans: B. At the bottom

Question 4.

Blowing Air with open pipe is an example of :

A. Isothermal process
B. Isochroric process
C.Isobaric process
D. Adiabatic process

Ans: C.Isobaric process

Question 5.

Which phase change is an example of an exothermic process?

A. Liquid to Solid
B. Gas to Solid
C. Gas to Liquid
D. All the above

Ans: D. All the above

Question 6.

In a refrigerator what produces the cooling ?

A. The ice which deposits on the freezer
B. The sudden expansion of a compressed gas
C. The evaporation of a volatile liquid
D. None of these

Ans: D. None of these

Question 7.

Which of the following is not reversible?

A. Joule effect
B. Peltier effect
C. Seebeck effect
D. Thomson effect

Ans: A. Joule effect

Question 8.

The velocity of heat radiation in vacuum is

A. Equal to that of light
B. Less than that of light
C. Greater than that of light
D. Equal to that of sound

Ans: A. Equal to that of light

Question 9.

Which of the following has the highest entropy?

A. Hydrogen
B. Diamond
C. Liquid nitrogen
D. Mercury

Ans: A. Hydrogen

Question 10.

In a diesel engine the high temperature needed to ignite the fuel is achieved by

A. Using heat from exhaust
B. The battery
C. Compressing air in the cylinders
D. An electrical spark

Ans: C. Compressing air in the cylinders

Question 11.

In a Carnot engine when heat is taken from the source, its temperature

A. Remains constant
B. Decreases
C. Increases
D. Decreases and then remains constant

Ans: A. Remains constant

Question 12.

Which of these branches of Physics deal with heat and temperature and their relation to energy and work?

A. Geophysics
B. Mechanics
C. Atomic Physics
D. Thermodynamics

Ans: D. Thermodynamics

Question 13.

Heat transfer horizontally within the atmosphere is called

A. Conduction
B. Convection
C. Absorption
D. Advection

Ans: D. Advection

Question 14.

Even after sunset, the air near the Earth’s surface continue to receive heat due to

A. Insolation
B. Terrestrial Radiation
C. Conduction
D. Convection

Ans: B. Terrestrial Radiation

Question 15.

The characteristic invalid for heat radiation is that it travels :

A. In a straight line
B. In all directions
C. With the speed of light
D. Heating the medium through which it passes

Ans: C. With the speed of light

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