Physics MCQs GK objective Questions GK test Set – 46

Question 1.

Which of the following is a result of Surface tension ?

A. Gravitational pull
B. Viscosity
C.Capillary action
D. Radiation

Ans: C.Capillary action

Question 2.

The surface tension of water on adding detergent to it

A. Increases
B. Decreases
C. No change
D. Becomes zero

Ans: B. Decreases

Question 3.

If an ordinary glass tube and a glass capillary tube are both dipped in a beaker of water, water rises in

A. Both
B. Only the glass tube
C. Only the capillary tube
D. Neither

Ans: A. Both

Question 4.

If the diameter of a capillary is doubled, then the rise of water in it will be

A. Two times
B. Half
C. Four times
D. No change

Ans: B. Half

Question 5.

A liquid disturbed by stirring comes to rest due to

A. Density
B. Surface tension
C. Viscosity
D. Centripetal force

Ans: C. Viscosity

Question 6.

A bottle of sodalime is grasped by the neck and swung briskly in a vertical circle, Near which portion of the bottle do the bubbles collect?

A. Near the bottom
B. In the middle of the bottom
C. Near the neck
D. Bubbles remain distributed uniformly

Ans: C. Near the neck

Question 7.

Surface tension in a liquid is due to :

A. Adhesive force betweenmolecules
B. Cohesive force between molecules
C. Gravitational force between molecules
D. Electrical force between molecules.

Ans: B. Cohesive force between molecules

Question 8.

A needle or a pin floats on the surface of water because of

A. Surface tension
B. Surface energy
C. Viscosity
D. Adhesive force

Ans: A. Surface tension

Question 9.

A capillary tube is partially dipped vertically in a vessel containing water. Due to capillarity water rises in the tube. The height of water rise in the tube can be increased by

A. Decreasing the radius of the capillary tube
B. Increasing the radius of the capillary tube
C. Increasing the height of water in the vessel
D. None of these

Ans: A. Decreasing the radius of the capillary tube

Question 10.

Which liquid is the most viscous?

A. Water
B. Diesel
C. Milk
D. Oil

Ans: D. Oil

Question 11.

A boat loaded with rocks floats in the middle of a swimming pool. A man in the boat throws the rocks overboard. The level of water in the pool will

A. Increase
B. Decrease
C. Remains the same
D. First decrease and then increase

Ans: B. Decrease

Question 12.

Materials for rain proof coats and tents owe their water proof properties to

A. Surface tension
B. Viscosity
C. Specific gravity
D. Elasticity

Ans: A. Surface tension

Question 13.

Oil rises up the wick in a lamp because

A. Oil is very light
B. Of the diffusion of oil through the wick
C. Of the surface tension phenomenon
D. Of the capillary action phenomenon

Ans: D. Of the capillary action phenomenon

Question 14.

Rain drops acquire spherical shape due to

A. Viscosity
B. Surface tension
C. Friction
D. Elasticity

Ans: B. Surface tension

Question 15.

The oil in the wick of an oil lamp rises up due to:

A. Capillary action
B. Low viscosity of oil
C. Gravitational force
D. Pressure difference

Ans: A. Capillary action

Question 16.

Soap bubble attains spherical shape due to __

A. Inertia
B. Pressure
C. Surface tension
D. Viscosity

Ans: C. Surface tension

Question 17.

An ice block with a piece of lead embeded in it floats in water. If ice melts the water level

A. Rises
B. Falls
C. Remains same
D. Falls first and then rises

Ans: B. Falls

Question 18.

The fact that two large ships travelling on close parallel courses in the same direction tend to move towards each other can be explained by

A. Bernoulli’s principle
B. Magnetic properties of the ship’s material
C. Newton’s third law of motion
D. Earth’s gravitational force

Ans: A. Bernoulli’s principle

Question 19.

Fog is an example of

A. Gas dispersed in gas
B. Liquid dispersed in gas
C. Solid dispersed in gas
D. Solid dispersed in liquid

Ans: B. Liquid dispersed in gas

Question 20.

Water drops cannot stick to the oily surface due to

A. Lack of adhesive force
B. Surface tension
C. Cannot mix each other
D. Water is lighter than oil

Ans: B. Surface tension

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