Physics MCQs GK objective Questions GK test Set -23

Question 1.

The atmospheric air is held to the Earth by :

A. Gravity
B. Winds
C. Clouds
D. Rotation of the Earth

Ans: A. Gravity

Question 2.

Anemometer is an instrument meant for measuring __

A. Velocity
B. Air masses
C. Wind speed
D. Temperature

Ans: C. Wind speed

Question 3.

Hydraulic machines work under the Principle of :

A. Newton’s Law
B. Joules Law
C. Pascal’s Law
D. Floatation Law

Ans: C. Pascal’s Law

Question 4.

The sudden fall of atmospheric pressure indicates

A. Fair weather
B. Storm
C. Rain
D. Cold weather

Ans: B. Storm

Question 5.

The pressure of a fluid varies with depth h as P = PQ+pgh, where p is the fluid density. This expression is associated with

A. Pascal’s law
B. Newton’s law
C. Bernoulli’s principle
D. Archimedes’ principle

Ans: A. Pascal’s law

Question 6.

A fountain pen works on the principle of

A. Flow of liquids from higher to lower potential
B. Capillary action
C. Bernoulli’s principle
D. Viscosity of liquids

Ans: B. Capillary action

Question 7.

Alcohol is more volatile than water because __ is lower than water.

A. Its boiling point
B. Its density
C. Its viscosity
D. Its surface tension

Ans: A. Its boiling point

Question 8.

Hydraulic brakes in automobile work on

A. Poiseuille’s principle
B. Pascal’s principle
C. Archimedes’ principle
D. Bernoulli’s principle

Ans: B. Pascal’s principle

Question 9.

A parachute descends slowly whereas a stone dropped from the same height falls rapidly, because

A. Stone is heavier than parachute
B. Special mechanisms are present in parachute
C. A parachute has a larger surface area and air resistance is more
D. None of these

Ans: C. A parachute has a larger surface area and air resistance is more

Question 10.

A barometer is kept inside a bell jar. Air is slowly pumped out of the jar.

A. The mercury level starts rising
B. The mercury level starts falling
C. The mercury level does not change
D. The bell jar breaks up

Ans: A. The mercury level starts rising

Question 11.

A manometer is used to measure

A. Earthquake
B. Pressure
C. Temperature
D. Density

Ans: B. Pressure

Question 12.

When the barometer reading dips suddenly, it is an indication of

A. Hot weather
B. Calm weather
C. Storm
D. Dry weather

Ans: C. Storm

Question 13.

Why does bleeding occur through the nose in high mountainous regions ?

A. The pressure of blood in capillaries is greater than the outside pressure
B. The pressure at high altitudes is greater than that on the plains
C. The blood pressure of a person increases at high altitudes
D. The blood pressure fluctuates and finally decreases drastically

Ans: C. The blood pressure of a person increases at high altitudes

Question 14.

The temperature at which water boils depends mainly on

A. Air Pressure
B. Specific heat
C. Density
D. Relative humidity

Ans: A. Air Pressure

Question 15.

Anemometer is used to measure

A. Wind direction
B. Wind velocity
C. Pressure gradient
D. Wind speed and time

Ans: B. Wind velocity

Question 16.

A storm is predicted if atmospheric pressure

A. Rises suddenly
B. Rises gradually
C. Falls suddenly
D. Falls gradually

Ans: C. Falls suddenly

Question 17.

Which of the following instruments is used to measure humidity ?

A. Kata Thermometer
B. Anemometer
C. Sling Psychrometer
D. Clinical Thermometer

Ans: C. Sling Psychrometer

Question 18.

Air pressure is measured in which of the following units?

A. Steridian
B. Kg/mts
C. Newton
D. Pascal

Ans: D. Pascal

Question 19.

The instrument used to measure the speed of the wind is

A. Altimeter
B. Anemometer
C. Chronometer
D. Dosimeter

Ans: B. Anemometer

Question 20.

On which principle does the hydraulic lift works?

A. Newton’s law
B. Pascal’s law
C. Archimedes’s law
D. Joule’s law

Ans: B. Pascal’s law

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