Physics MCQs GK objective Questions GK test Set – 41

Question 1.

In a photocell light energy is converted into

A. Potential energy
B. Chemical energy
C. Heat energy
D. Electrical energy

Ans: D. Electrical energy

Question 2.

Necessary element of change in solar energy to electrical energy

A. Berillium
C. Tantelum
D. Pure Copper

Ans: B.Silicon

Question 3.

A person does some work of 1,000 J in 2 s. His power will be __

A. 1000W
B. 25W
C. 500W
D. 50W

Ans: C. 500W

Question 4.

A voltaic cell converts chemical energy to

A. Heat energy
B. Electrical energy
C. Mechanical energy
D. Light energy

Ans: B. Electrical energy

Question 5.

In hydro power station, the motion produced in turbines is due to

A. Flow of water
B. Burning of coal
C. Burning of diesel
D. Production of steam

Ans: A. Flow of water

Question 6.

Which results in an increase in power?

A. Doing more work in less time.
B. Doing less work in more time.
C. Doing less work in less time.
D. Doing more work in more time.

Ans: A. Doing more work in less time.

Question 7.

The work done by the string of a simple pendulum during one complete oscillation is equal to

A. Total energy of the pendulum
B. Kinetic energy of the pendulum
C. Potential energy of the pendulum
D. Zero

Ans: D. Zero

Question 8.

The SI unit for measuring work and energy is

A. Joule
B. Watt
C. Farad
D. Ohm

Ans: A. Joule

Question 9.

What device converts light energy to electrical energy?

A. Photodiode
B. Photovoltaic cell
C. Thermocouple
D. Heliostats

Ans: B. Photovoltaic cell

Question 10.

Conversion of sound energy into electrical energy is done by

A. Solar cell
B. Gramophone
C. Microphone
D. Loudspeaker

Ans: C. Microphone

Question 11.

In a rechargeable cell what kind of energy is stored within the cell?

A. Electrical energy
B. Potential energy
C. Chemical energy
D. Kinetic energy

Ans: C. Chemical energy

Question 12.

In a water lifting electric pump, we convert

A. Electrical energy into Potential energy
B. Kinetic energy into Electrical energy
C. Kinetic energy into Potential energy
D. Electrical energy into Kinetic energy

Ans: A. Electrical energy into Potential energy

Question 13..

If a person moves a trolley for a distance of 10 m with a force of 50 N, then the work done is

A. 0.2 J
B. 5 J
C. 20 J
D. 500 J

Ans: D. 500 J

Question 14.

A bullet is fired from a rifle which recoils after firing. The ratio of kinetic energy of the rifle to that of the bullet is

A. Zero
B. One
C. Less than one
D. More than one

Ans: A. Zero

Question 15.

The device which converts sound energy into electrical energy is called

A. Amplifier
B. Speaker
C. Microphone
D. Transmitter

Ans: C. Microphone

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