Operating Systems Competitive Questions – Set 09

Are you guys looking for Computer science Engineering MCQ Questions with Answers PDF Free Download as per Computer science Engineering new exam pattern? You came to the right page. This may assist you to understand and check your knowledge about the Subjects. Students also can take a free test of the Multiple Choice Questions of Computer science Engineering. Each question has four options followed by the right answer. These Computer science Engineering MCQ Questions are selected supported by the newest exam pattern.

Q1. Which of the following, is necessary to work on a computer

(A) Compiler
(B) Operating system
(C) Assembly
(D) Interpreter of the above

Answer: (B) Operating system

Q2. Which of the following might be used to convert high-level language instructions into machine language?

(A) System software
(B) Applications software
(C) An operating environment
(D) An interpreter

Answer: (D) An interpreter

Q3. The total time to prepare a disk drive mechanism for a block of data to be read from it is

(A) Latency
(B) Latency plus transmission time
(C) Latency plus seek time
(D) Latency plus seek time plus transmission time

Answer: (C) Latency plus seek time

Q4. File record length

(A) Should always be fixed
(B) Should always be variable
(C) Depends upon the size of the file
(D) Should be chosen to match the data characteristics

Answer: (D) Should be chosen to match the data characteristics

Q5. Special software to create a job queue is called a

(A) Drive
(B) Spooler
(C) Interpreter
(D) Linkage editor

Answer: (B) Spooler

Q6. What is the name given to the values that are automatically provided by software to reduce keystrokes and improve a computer user’s productivity?

(A) Defined values
(B) Fixed values
(C) Default values
(D) Special values

Answer: (C) Default values

Q7. In which addressing mode the contents of a register specified in the instruction are first decremented, and then these contents are used as the effective address of the operands?

(A) Index addressing
(B) Indirect addressing
(C) Auto increment
(D) Auto decrement

Answer: (D) Auto decrement

Q8. Which of the following systems software does the job of merging the records from two files into one?

(A) Security software
(B) Utility program
(C) Networking software
(D) Documentation system

Answer: (B) Utility program

Q9. Which of the following statements is false?

(A) The technique of storage compaction involves moving all occupied areas of storage to one end or other of main storage
(B) Compaction does not involve relocation of programs
(C) Compaction is also known as garbage collection
(D) The system must stop everything while it performs the compaction

Answer: (B) Compaction does not involve relocation of programs

Q10. What is the name given to the organized collection of software that controls the overall operation of a computer?

(A) Working system
(B) Peripheral system
(C) Operating system
(D) Controlling system

Answer: (C) Operating system

Q11. The function(s) of file system is (are):

(A) To provide complete file naming freedom to the users and to permit controlled sharing of files
(B) To provide for long and short term storage of files with appropriate economic tradeoffs
(C) To provide security against loss of information due to system failure
(D) All of the above

Answer: (D) All of the above

Q12. Advantage(s) of using assembly language rather than machine language is (are):

(A) It is mnemonic and easy to read
(B) Addresses any symbolic, not absolute
(C) Introduction of data to program is easier
(D) All of the above

Answer: (D) All of the above

Q13. Which, of the following checks, cannot be carried out on the input data to a system?

(A) Consistency check
(B) Syntax check
(C) Range check
(D) All of the above

Answer: (B) Syntax check

Q14. What is the name given to all the programs inside the computer with makes it usable?

(A) Application software
(B) System software
(C) Firm ware
(D) Shareware

Answer: (B) System software

Q15. Access time is the highest in the case of

(A) Floppy disk
(B) Cache
(C) Swapping devices
(D) Magnetic disk

Answer: (D) Magnetic disk

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