Online Practice Linux Computer Science – Set 06

Are you guys looking for computer science MCQ Questions with Answers PDF Free Download as per computer science new exam pattern? You came to the right page. This may assist you to understand and check your knowledge about the Subjects. Students also can take a free test of the Multiple Choice Questions of computer science. Each question has four options followed by the right answer. These computer science MCQ Questions are selected supported by the newest exam pattern.

Q1. What command is used to assign executable permission to all of the files named “report”?

(A) chmod ugo + x report
(B) chmod u + x report
(C) chmod ugo + rw report
(D) chmod ugo + r report

Answer: (A) chmod ugo + x report

Q2. What command is used with vi editor to delete a single character?

(A) x
(B) y
(C) a
(D) z

Answer: (A) x

Q3. What command is used to assign only read permission to all three categories of the file ‘letter’?

(A) chmod u + r, g + r, o – x letter
(B) chmod ugo = r letter
(C) chmod a – rw letter
(D) chmod go + r letter

Answer: (D) cron

Q4. Which program is used to schedule particular jobs or programs at particular times on the system?

(A) vi
(B) Outlook
(C) Scheduler
(D) cron

Answer: (D) cron

Q5. Which of the following command is used to create a Linux installation boot floppy?

(A) mkboot disk
(B) bootfp disk
(C) ww and rawwrite
(D) dd and rawrite

Answer: (D) dd and rawrite

Q6. What TCP/IP protocol is used for remote terminal connection service?


Answer: (D) TELNET

Q7. What X-based tool is available for configuring the X Window system?

(A) XConfigurator
(B) XF86Setup
(C) xf86config
(D) All of the above

Answer: (B) XF86Setup

Q8. What service is not monitored by inetd?

(B) time
(C) ntalk
(D) finger

Answer: (A) SSH

Q9. Which of the following tool is used to partition your hard drive?

(A) mkfs
(B) fdisk
(C) fsck
(D) mount

Answer: (B) fdisk

Q10. What command is used to display the characteristics of a process?

(A) au
(B) ps
(C) du
(D) pid

Answer: (B) ps

Q11. What are the appropriate Hex codes for setting Linux swap and Linux native partition types in fdisk?

(A) 82 and 83
(B) 92 and 93
(C) 63 and 64
(D) 82 and 85

Answer: (A) 82 and 83

Q12. Which of the following is not a part of default Red Hat Linux email system?

(A) Pine
(B) The MTA
(C) The MUA
(D) procmail

Answer: (A) Pine

Q13. Which of the following command lists the last 10 lines of a file?

(A) grep
(B) tail
(C) head
(D) cat

Answer: (B) tail

Q14. The 32-bit internet address 10000000 00001010 00000010 00011110 will be written in dotted decimal notation as



Q15. What shell’s wild-card is used to match any number of characters including none?

(A) *
(B) ?
(C) [!ijk]
(D) [ijk]

Answer: (A) *

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