One Word Substitution Set – 23 Multiple Choice Questions

Question 1.

To atone for one’s sins

A. Apologise
B. Ingratiate
C. Expiate
D. Propitiate

Ans: C. Expiate

Question 2.

To surround with armed forces

A. Seize
B. Attack
C. Cease
D. Besiege

Ans: D. Besiege

Question 3.

Place where bankers exchange cheques and adjust balances

A. Exchequer
B. Clearing house
C. Bank
D. Commerce

Ans: B. Clearing house

Question 4.

Extreme old age when a man behaves like a fool

A. Dotage
B. Imbecility
C. Young
D. Superannuation

Ans: A. Dotage

Question 5.

People in a riot

A. Individual
B. Separate
C. Mob
D. Congregation

Ans: C. Mob

Question 6.

Place which provides both board and lodging

A. Cafe
B. Inn
C. Restaurant
D. Motel

Ans: B. Inn

Question 7.

One who can use either of his hands with ease

A. Amateur
B. Expert
C. Ambidextrous
D. Gluttonous

Ans: C. Ambidextrous

Question 8.

A paper written in one’s own handwriting

A. Manuscript
B. Scroll
C. Parchment
D. Transcript

Ans: A. Manuscript

Question 9.

A tumour which is not likely to spread

A. Benign
B. Localised
C. Dead
D. Malignant

Ans: A. Benign

Question 10.

The normal abode of an animal or plant

A. Environment
B. Habitat
C. Settlement
D. Niche

Ans: B. Habitat

Question 11.

One who speaks or understands many languages

A. Scholar
B. Grammarian
C. Linguist
D. Polyglot

Ans: D. Polyglot

Question 12.

Of outstanding significance

A. Meaningful
B. Ominous
C. Evident
D. Monumental
E. Rational

Ans: D. Monumental

Question `13.

A list of explanation of words, especially unusual ones at the end of a book

A. Appendix
B. Index
C. Glossary
D. Bibliography

Ans: C. Glossary

Question 14.

The rule of a person who is tyrant

A. Despotism
B. Anarchy
C. Tyranny
D. Dictatorship

Ans: A. Despotism

Question 15.

A person who wishes to throw over all establishments

A. Rebel
B. Anarchist
C. Terrorist
D. Hooligan

Ans: B. Anarchist

Question 16.

One who promotes the idea of absence of government of any kind, when every man should be a law into himself

A. Anarchist
B. Belligerent
C. Iconoclast
D. Agnostic

Ans: A. Anarchist

Question 17.

Room with toilet facilities

A. Suite
B. Deluxe
C. Lavatory
D. Cabin

Ans: C. Lavatory

Question 18.

That which can be carried

A. Handy
B. Portable
C. Potable
D. Bearable

Ans: B. Portable

Question 19.

Clumsy or ill-bred fellow

A. Boor
B. Oaf
C. Lout
D. Yokel

Ans: A. Boor

Question 20.

A statement which cannot be understood

A. Infallible
B. Illegible
C. Inexplicable
D. Incomprehensible

Ans: D. Incomprehensible

One Word Substitution MCQs all set

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