One Word Substitution Set – 22 Multiple Choice Questions

Question 1.

One who comes from a country area and is often considered to be stupid

A. Villager
B. Rustic
C. Bumpkin
D. Philanderer

Ans: C. Bumpkin

Question 2.

Irrational fear of crowds

A. Ochlophobia
B. Claustrophobia
C. Sitophobia
D. Astrophobia

Ans: A. Ochlophobia

Question 3.

A person who readily believes others

A. Credible
B. Credulous
C. Sensible
D. Sensitive

Ans: B. Credulous

Question 4.

Medical study of the skin and disease

A. Dermatology
B. Orthopaedics
C. Venereology
D. Homeopathy

Ans:A. Dermatology

Question 5.

Thing that can be felt or touched

A. Pandemic
B. Palpable
C. Paltry
D. Panchromatic

Ans: B. Palpable

Question 6.

A person who is talkative

A. Garrulous
B. Speaker
C. Orator
D. Laxative

Ans: A. Garrulous

Question 7.

A person who is skilled in horsemanship

A. Cavalier
B. Equestrian
C. Jockey
D. Cavalryman

Ans: B. Equestrian

Question 8.

Murder of a king

A. Matricide
B. Genocide
C. Regicide
D. Homicide

Ans: C. Regicide

Question 9.

One who talks continuously

A. Impecunious
B. Loquacious
C. Voracious
D. Avaricious

Ans: B. Loquacious

Question 10.

Explicit undertaking to do something

A. Agreement
B. Decision
C. Settlement
D. Promise

Ans: D. Promise

Question 11.

Code of diplomatic etiquette and precedence

A. Formalism
B. Statesmanship
C. Protocol
D. Hierarchy

Ans: C. Protocol

Question 12.

Forcing out(blood, etc.) from its vessel

A. Extrapolate
B. Extravasate
C. Exuberate
D. Extricate

Ans: B. Extravasate

Question 13.

Interested in and clever at many things

A. Manicure
B. Manifest
C. Intelligent
D. Versatile

Ans: D. Versatile

Question 14.

An expression of mild disapproval

A. Reproof
B. Impertinence
C. Warning
D. Denigration

Ans: A. Reproof

Question 15.

A place of good climate for invalids

A. Asylum
B. Hospital
C. Cemetery
D. Sanatorium

Ans: D. Sanatorium

Question 16.

Walk in a vain, self-important way

A. Jog
B. Trek
C. Trudge
D. Strut

Ans: D. Strut

Question 17.

Run away from home with lover

A. Ostracize
B. Vanquish
C. Abscond
D. Elope

Ans: D. Elope

Question 18.

Murder of a new-born child

A. Homicide
B. Regicide
C. Fratricide
D. Infanticide

Ans: D. Infanticide

Question 19.

One appointment by two parties to settle a dispute

A. Arbiter
B. Mediator
C. Negotiator
D. Middleman

Ans: A. Arbiter

Question 20.

A book containing summarised information on all branches of knowledge

A. Dictionary
B. Anthology
C. Encyclopaedia
D. Directory

Ans: C. Encyclopaedia

One Word Substitution MCQs all set

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