One Word Substitution Set – 21 Multiple Choice Questions

Question 1.

A word no longer in use

A. Exotic
B. Primitive
C. Obsolete
D. Ancient

Ans: C. Obsolete

Question 2.

One who eats human flesh

A. Beast
B. Savage
C. Cannibal
D. Carnivorous

Ans: C. Cannibal

Question 3.

An old unmarried woman

A. Virgin
B. Bachelor
C. Spinster
D. Matron

Ans: C. Spinster

Question 4.

A person who enters without any invitation

A. Burglar
B. Intruder
C. Thief
D. Vandal

Ans: B. Intruder

Question 5.

A person who sneaks into a country

A. Infiltrator
B. Sniper
C. Invader
D. Aggressor

Ans: A. Infiltrator

Question 6.

Official in charge of a museum

A. Dean
B. Warden
C. Curator
D. Supervisor

Ans: C. Curator

Question 7.

One who thinks that human nature is essentially evil

A. Agnostic
B. Cynic
C. Sceptic
D. Misogynist

Ans: B. Cynic

Question 8.

Lack of enough blood

A. Amnesia
B. Insomnia
C. Anaemia
D. Allergy

Ans: C. Anaemia

Question 9.

Creature having both male and female organs

A. Sodomite
B. Homosexual
C. Masochist
D. Hermaphrodite

Ans: D. Hermaphrodite

Question 10.

A person’s first speech

A. Preface
B. Maiden
C. Opener
D. Extempore

Ans: B. Maiden

Question 11.

A person who lives by himself

A. Venerable
B. Sage
C. Quietus
D. Recluse

Ans: D. Recluse

Question 12.

One who does not know how to save money

A. Reckless
B. Lavish
C. Careless
D. Spendthrift

Ans: D. Spendthrift

Question 13.

Interval between two events or two periods of time of different character

A. Intermission
B. Interlude
C. Interpolation
D. Appendix

Ans: B. Interlude

Question 14.

Giving undue favours to one’s own kith and kin

A. Favouritism
B. Nepotism
C. Corruption
D. Worldliness

Ans: B. Nepotism

Question 15.

The loop of rope with a running knot used to hang a person

A. Noose
B. Cable
C. Cord
D. Chord

Ans: A. Noose

Question 16.

A short journey made by a group of persons together

A. Hike
B. Excursion
C. Picnic
D. Stroll

Ans: B. Excursion

Question 17.

Connoisseur of choice food

A. Greedy
B. Glutton
C. Gourmet
D. Gourmand

Ans: C. Gourmet

Question 18.

The act of violating the sanctity of church

A. Heresy
B. Desecration
C. Sacrilege
D. Blasphemy

Ans: C. Sacrilege

Question 19.

The caretaker of a public building

A. Dean
B. Curator
C. Custodian
D. Warden

Ans: C. Custodian

Question 20.

One who has suddenly gained new wealth, power or prestige

A. Aristocrat
B. Affluent
C. Maverick
D. Parvenu

Ans: D. Parvenu

One Word Substitution MCQs all set

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