One Word Substitution Set – 18 Multiple Choice Questions

Question 1.

A person who travels to a sacred place as an act of religious devotion

A. Hermit
B. Pilgrim
C. Saint
D. Mendicant

Ans: B. Pilgrim

Question 2.

Just punishment for wrong doing

A. Nemesis
B. Purgation
C. Wrath
D. Catharsis

Ans: A. Nemesis

Question 3.

Equal in rank, merit or quality

A. Chum
B. Contemporary
C. Peer
D. Colleague

Ans: C. Peer

Question 4.

One who is honourably discharged from service

A. Emeritus
B. Honorary
C. Sinecure
D. Retired

Ans: A. Emeritus

Question 5.

A person sharing responsibility for a political party’s discipline and tactics

A. Statesman
B. Diplomat
C. Whip
D. Defector

Ans: C. Whip

Question 6.

To break of proceedings of a meeting for a time

A. Convene
B. Terminate
C. Adjourn
D. Procrastinate

Ans: C. Adjourn

Question 7.

Books, pictures etc. intended to arouse sexual desire

A. Lewd
B. Licentious
C. Pornography
D. Erotica

Ans: C. Pornography

Question 8.

A heavy unnatural slumber

A. Nap
B. Insomnia
C. Coma
D. Stupor

Ans: D. Stupor

Question 9.

Informal business communication with a personal signature

A. Agendum
B. Corrigendum
C. Plagiarism
D. Memorandum

Ans: D. Memorandum

Question 10.

One who is likeable

A. Amicable
B. Amiable
C. Effusive
D. Ebullient

Ans: B. Amiable

Question 11.

To mediate between two parties in a dispute

A. Interfere
B. Interact
C. Interrupt
D. Intercede

Ans: D. Intercede

Question 12.

To do away with a rule

A. Cancel
B. Repeal
C. Obliterate
D. Abrogate

Ans: D. Abrogate

Question 13.

A story in verse

A. Elegy
B. Hymn
C. Sonnet
D. Ballad

Ans: D. Ballad

Question 14.

Something which is not thorough or profound

A. Superficial
B. Superstitious
C. Superfluous
D. Supernatural

Ans: A. Superficial

Question 15.

The branch of medical science which deals with the problems of the old

A. Oncology
B. Geriatrics
C. Obstetrics
D. Endocrinology

Ans: B. Geriatrics

Question 16.

Food which agrees with one’s taste

A. Pungent
B. Palatable
C. Sensuous
D. Edible

Ans: B. Palatable

Question 17.

Parts of country behind the coast or a river’s banks

A. Swamps
B. Archipelago
C. Hinterland
D. Isthmus

Ans: C. Hinterland

Question 18.

Using of new words

A. Coinage
B. Vocabulary
C. Neologism
D. Malapropism

Ans: C. Neologism

Question 19.

A man who dances to the tunes of his wife

A. Effeminate
B. Slave
C. Henpecked
D. Chum

Ans: C. Henpecked

Question 20.

One who loves books

A. Bibliophobe
B. Bibliographer
C. Bibliophile
D. Bibliophagist

Ans: C. Bibliophile

One Word Substitution MCQs all set

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