One Word Substitution Set – 17 Multiple Choice Questions

Question 1.

Act of taking one’s life

A. Suicide
B. Slaughter
C. Homicide
D. Immolation

Ans: A. Suicide

Question 2.

Government by the representatives of the people

A. Diplomacy
B. Democracy
C. Socialism
D. Autocracy

Ans: B. Democracy

Question 3.

One who promotes the idea of absence of government of any kind, when every man should be a law unto himself

A. Anarchist
B. Belligerent
C. Iconoclast
D. Agnostic

Ans: A. Anarchist

Question 4.

Careful in performing duties

A. Punctual
B. Punctilious
C. Sincere
D. Pugnacious

Ans: B. Punctilious

Question 5.

A place of ideal peace and happiness

A. Asylum
B. Utopia
C. El dorado
D. Elysium

Ans: D. Elysium

Question 6.

One knowing everything

A. Learned
B. Omnipresent
C. Omnipotent
D. Omniscient

Ans: D. Omniscient

Question 7.

A field or a part of a garden where fruit trees grow

A. Park
B. Nursery
C. Yard
D. Orchard

Ans: D. Orchard

Question 8.

The place where bricks are baked

A. Foundry
B. Mint
C. Cemetery
D. Kiln

Ans: D. Kiln

Question 9.

Shining, brilliant and magnificent

A. Luminous
B. Gleaming
C. Resplendent
D. Polished

Ans:C. Resplendent

Question 10.

The list of courses at a meal or of dishes that can be served in a restaurant

A. Agenda
B. Menu
C. Biodata
D. Catalogue

Ans: B. Menu

Question 11.

A slow-witted and incompetent person

A. Nigger
B. Dud
C. Snotty
D. Duffer

Ans: D. Duffer

Question 12.

A person who brings goods illegally into the country

A. Exporter
B. Importer
C. Smuggler
D. Imposter

Ans: C. Smuggler

Question 13.

Changing one’s mind too quickly

A. Adaptability
B. Instability
C. Versatility
D. Vacillation

Ans: D. Vacillation

Question 14.

A room leading into a large room or hall

A. Anteroom
B. Lounge
C. Lobby
D. Pantry

Ans: A. Anteroom

Question 15.

One who is neither intelligent nor dull

A. Tolerable
B. Commoner
C. Mediocre
D. Diligent

Ans: C. Mediocre

Question 16.

One who stirs people for personal politics or profit

A. Pedagogue
B. Demagogue
C. Dictator
D. Hypocrite

Ans: B. Demagogue

Question 17.

One who talks very little

A. Reserved
B. Mute
C. Phlegmatic
D. SAns

Ans: A. Reserved

Question 18.

A low-area storm with high winds rotating about a centre of low atmospheric pressure

A. Cyclone
B. Tornado
C. Typhoon
D. Hurricane

Ans: A. Cyclone

Question 19.

Present opposing arguments or evidence

A. Rebut
B. Criticise
C. Rebuff
D. Reprimand

Ans: A. Rebut

Question 20.

Cutting for stone in the bladder

A. Dichotomy
B. Tubectomy
C. Vasectomy
D. Lithotomy

Ans: D. Lithotomy

One Word Substitution MCQs all set

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