One Word Substitution Set – 16 Multiple Choice Questions

Question 1.

Person holding a scholarship at a university

A. Intellectual
B. Pedant
C. Scholar
D. Bursar

Ans: D. Bursar

Question 2.

Man whose wife has been unfaithful to him

A. Dandy
B. Bastard
C. Concubine
D. Cuckold

Ans: D. Cuckold

Question 3.

That which can be interpreted in any way

A. Ambient
B. Ambivalent
C. Amphibious
D. Ambiguous

Ans: D. Ambiguous

Question 4.

The line which a plough cuts in the ground

A. Vale
B. Trench
C. Furrow
D. Trough

Ans: C. Furrow

Question 5.

A person without manners or polish

A. Rustic
B. Naive
C. Boorish
D. Barbarian

Ans: A. Rustic

Question 6.

Course for chariot races

A. Sanatorium
B. Hangar
C. Hippodrome
D. Arena

Ans: C. Hippodrome

Question 7.

Person who has long experience

A. Stalwart
B. Pedantic
C. Itinerant
D. Veteran

Ans: D. Veteran

Question 8.

Of unknown and unadmitted authorship

A. Gullible
B. Anonymous
C. Unanimous
D. Vexation

Ans: B. Anonymous

Question 9.

A funny imitation of a poem

A. Counterfeit
B. Sonnet
C. Caricature
D. Parody

Ans: D. Parody

Question 10.

Use of more words than are needed to express the meaning

A. Circumlocution
B. Verbatim
C. Ventriloquism
D. Pleonasm

Ans: D. Pleonasm

Question 11.

Be the embodiment or perfect example

B. Characterise
C. Personify
D. Masquerade

Ans: C. Personify

Question 12.

A person concerned with practical results and values

A. Plagiarist
B. Realist
C. Pragmatist
D. Fundamentalist

Ans: C. Pragmatist

Question 13.

A person who is made to bear the blame due to others

A. Innocent
B. Scapegoat
C. Ignoramus
D. Nincompoop

Ans: B. Scapegoat

Question 14.

A person who rarely speaks the truth

A. Scoundrel
B. Liar
C. Crook

Ans: B. Liar

Question 15.

A person who maliciously destroys by fire

A. Antagonist
B. Activist
C. Terrorist
D. Incendiary

Ans: D. Incendiary

Question 16.

A speech by an actor at the end of a play

A. Epilogue
B. Monologue
C. Duologue
D. Prologue

Ans: A. Epilogue

Question 17.

A thing or person behind time

A. Lazy
B. Sluggish
C. Indolent
D. Antiquated

Ans: D. Antiquated

Question 18.

To bring peace, and end violence

A. Soothe
B. Harmonise
C. Pacify
D. Tranquilize

Ans: C. Pacify

Question 19.

A person claiming to be superior In culture and intellect to others

A. Intellectual
B. Aristocrat
C. Elite
D. Highbrow

Ans: D. Highbrow

Question 20.

Decision made upon a political question by the votes of all qualified persons

A. Veto
B. Suffrage
C. Plebiscite
D. Franchise

Ans: C. Plebiscite

One Word Substitution MCQs all set

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