One Word Substitution Set – 15 Multiple Choice Questions

Question 1.

A house for storing grains

A. Cellar
B. Store
C. Godown
D. Granary

Ans: D. Granary

Question 2.

Responsible according to law

A. Liable
B. Eligible
C. Legalised
D. Legitimate

Ans: A. Liable

Question 3.

The power of reading the thoughts of others

A. Psychopathy
B. Telecommunication
C. Psychology
D. Telepathy

Ans: D. Telepathy

Question 4.

An instrument for viewing objects at a distance

A. Microscope
B. Telescope
C. Periscope
D. Kaleidoscope

Ans: B. Telescope

Question 5.

One who totally abstains from alcoholic drinks

A. Puritan
B. Samaritan
C. Pedant
D. Teetotaller

Ans: D. Teetotaller

Question 6.

Wistful longing for something one has known in the past

A. Hysteria
B. Megalomania
C. Nostalgia
D. Logomania

Ans: C. Nostalgia

Question 7.

One filled with excessive and mistaken enthusiasm in cause

A. Martyr
B. Pedant
C. Fanatic
D. Patriot

Ans: C. Fanatic

Question 8.

A man who operates on sick people

A. Physician
B. Operator
C. Surgeon
D. Physiotherapist

Ans: C. Surgeon

Question 9.

A man who pays too much attention to his clothes and personal appearance

A. Snob
B. Duffer
C. Dandy
D. Licentious

Ans: C. Dandy

Question 10.

A man of odd habits

A. Eccentric
B. Cynical
C. Introvert
D. Moody

Ans: A. Eccentric

Question 11.

Custom of having many wives

A. Polyandry
B. Polygamy
C. Matrimony
D. Celibacy

Ans: B. Polygamy

Question 12.

A person very hard to please

A. Obstinate
B. Unconquerable
C. Fastidious
D. Invincible

Ans: C. Fastidious

Question 13.

Contempt of god

A. Athesim
B. Nihilism
C. Blasphemy
D. Agnosticism

Ans: C. Blasphemy

Question 14.

Science of printing

A. Calligraphy
B. Typography
C. Topography
D. Cryptography

Ans: B. Typography

Question 15.

One who plays a game for pleasure and not professionally

A. Veteran
B. Player
C. Connoisseur
D. Amateur

Ans: D. Amateur

Question 16.

A name adopted by an author in his writings

A. Title
B. Nomenclature
C. Nickname
D. Pseudonym

Ans: D. Pseudonym

Question 17.

Member of a band of robbers

A. Dacoit
B. Brigand
C. Thief
D. Pirate

Ans: B. Brigand

Question 18.

One who robs smuggler of his smuggled goods after the border has been crossed

A. Pirate
B. Malefactor
C. Hijacker
D. Philanderer

Ans: C. Hijacker

Question 19.

A light sailing boat built especially for racing

A. Dinghy
B. Canoe
C. Yacht
D. Frigate

Ans: C. Yacht

Question 20.

A person who forsakes religion

A. Charlatan
B. Apostle
C. Renegade
D. Apotheosis

Ans: C. Renegade

One Word Substitution MCQs all set

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