One Word Substitution Set – 14 Multiple Choice Questions

Question 1.

One who lends money at high rate of interest

A. Solvent
B. Uxorious
C. Usurer
D. Shylock

Ans: C. Usurer

Question 2.

To take one to task

A. Disgrace
B. Handle
C. Entreat
D. Rebuke

Ans: D. Rebuke

Question 3.

A person who speaks or supports an idea

A. Pioneer
B. Adviser
C. Advocate
D. Ideologist

Ans: C. Advocate

Question 4.

Time after twilight and before night

A. Evening
B. Dawn
C. Dusk
D. Eclipse

Ans: C. Dusk

Question 5.

A person not sure of the existence of god

A. Theist
B. Atheist
C. Agnostic
D. Cynic

Ans: C. Agnostic

Question 6.

Mania for setting fires

A. Pyromania
B. Kleptomania
C. Logomania
D. Nymphomania

Ans: A. Pyromania

Question 7.

One whose attitude is: ‘eat, drink and be merry’

A. Epicurean
B. Cynic
C. Materialistic
D. Stoic

Ans: A. Epicurean

Question 8.

Animals living on land and in water

A. Ambiguous
B. Amphibian
C. Amorphous
D. Ambivalent

Ans: B. Amphibian

Question 9.

Woman trained to help other women in child birth

A. Virgin
B. Midwife
C. Matron
D. Nurse

Ans: B. Midwife

Question 10.

The original inhabitants of a country

A. Aborigines
B. Citizens
C. Natives
D. Primitive

Ans: A. Aborigines

Question 11.

Deriving pleasure from inflicting pain on others

A. Sadism
B. Malevolence
C. Bigotry
D. Masochism

Ans: A. Sadism

Question 12.

A political leader who tries to stir up people

A. Demagogue
B. Dictator
C. Statesman
D. Martinet

Ans: A. Demagogue

Question 13.

To deprive a thing of its holy character

A. Sacrilege
B. Blasphemy
C. Consecrate
D. Desecrate

Ans: D. Desecrate

Question 14.

Place where birds are kept

A. Zoo
B. Apiary
C. Armoury
D. Aviary

Ans: D. Aviary

Question 15.

One who pretends illness to escape duty

A. Truant
B. Malingerer
C. Hypocrite
D. Concubine

Ans: B. Malingerer

Question 16.

Atonement for one’s sins

A. Redemption
B. Repentance
C. Salvation
D. Expiation

Ans: B. Repentance

Question 17.

One who deserts his religion

A. Deserter
B. Turncoat
C. Fanatic
D. Apostate

Ans: D. Apostate

Question 18.

Loss of power to move in any or every part of the body

A. Rheumatism
B. Paralysis
C. Eczema
D. Leprosy

Ans: B. Paralysis

Question 19.

The science of judging a person’s character, capabilities, etc. from an examination of the shape of his skull

A. Physiology
B. Anthropology
C. Phrenology
D. Morphology

Ans: C. Phrenology

Question 20.

A general pardon of political offenders

A. Parole
B. Forgiveness
C. Clemency
D. Amnesty

Ans: D. Amnesty

One Word Substitution MCQs all set

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