Object Oriented Programming using c++ Multiple Choice Questions & Answers – Set 32

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Q1. Which of the following tells C++ to display numbers with zero decimal places?

(A) setiosflags(0)
(B) setiosflags(zero)
(C) setprecision(0)
(D) setprecision(zero)

Answer: (C) setprecision(0)

Q2. The #include instruction is called a

(A) Direction
(B) Directive
(C) Merge instruction
(D) Statement

Answer: (B) Directive

Q3. The end of string is recognized by

(A) The null character
(B) The newline character
(C) The $ sign
(D) The / sign

Answer: (A) The null character

Q4. The number 5.5e3 is a _ constant

(A) Character literal
(B) Named literal
(C) Numeric literal
(D) String literal

Answer: (C) Numeric literal

Q5. When the compiler places a copy of a small function’s statements directly into a program, the function is said to be _

(A) Overloaded
(B) Mangled
(C) Inline
(D) Redundant

Answer: (C) Inline

Q6. You typically initialize Short Integer, Integer, and Long Integer variables to

(A) A space enclosed in double quotes
(B) A space enclosed in single quotes
(C) The letter O
(D) The number 0

Answer:(D) The number 0

Q7. If you omit any constructor argument when you instantiate an object, you must use default values

(A) For all parameters to the constructor
(B) For all parameters to the right of the argument
(C) For all parameters to the left of the argument
(D) For no other parameters

Answer: (B) For all parameters to the right of the argument

Q8. Which of the following declares and initializes an Integer variable named numltems?

(A) int numltems = 0;
(B) int numltems = ‘0’;
(C) integer numltems = 0;
(D) numltems int = 0;

Answer: (A) int numltems = 0;

Q9. The set of instructions for how to tie a bow is an example of the _ structure

(A) Control
(B) Repetition
(C) Selection
(D) Sequence

Answer: (D) Sequence

Q10. In C++, the address operator is the following symbol __

(A) >>
(B) &
(C) *
(D) !

Answer: (B) &

Q11. You typically initialize a String variable to _

(A) An asterisk
(B) A space enclosed in single quotes
(C) The number 0
(D) A zero-length string

Answer: (D) A zero-length string

Q12. The function that takes arguments to set the bits of cout is _

(A) setf()
(B) bitset()
(C) ios()
(D) flat()

Answer: (A) setf()

Q13. The C++ expression p –> val means the same thing as

(A) *p.val
(B) *(p.val)
(C) (*p).vai
(D) p.val

Answer: (C) (*p).vai

Q14. A default constructor __

(A) Takes no arguments
(B) Has default values for all its arguments
(C) Either (a) or (b)
(D) Neither (a) nor (b)

Answer: (C) Either (a) or (b)

Q15. Code that has already been tested is said to be _

(A) Inherited
(B) Reusable
(C) Reliable
(D) Polymorphic

Answer: (C) Reliable

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