Networking Multiple Choice Questions – Set 05

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Q1. In _, each packet of a message need not follow the same path from sender to receiver.

(A) Circuit switching
(B) Message switching
(C) Virtual approach to packet switching
(D) Datagram approach to packet switching

Answer: (D) Datagram approach to packet switching

Q2. The router algorithm takes the decision to changes the route when __.

(A) Router changes
(B) Topology changes
(C) User changes
(D) Transmission time does not change

Answer: (B) Topology changes

Q3. What is it goal of congestion control?

(A) Making sure that subnet is not able to carry the offered traffic
(B) Making sure that subnet will allow more than the offered packets
(C) Making sure that subnet is able to carry the offered traffic
(D) Making sure that subnet will not allow any traffic

Answer: (C) Making sure that subnet is able to carry the offered traffic

Q4. The hosts who compute on the run and want to maintain their connections as they move around __

(A) Migratory hosts
(B) Stationary hosts
(C) Mobile hosts
(D) Random hosts

Answer:(C) Mobile hosts

Q5. Sending a message to a well defined group that are numerically large in size but small compared to the network as a whole is called _

(A) Uni-casting
(B) Multicasting
(C) Broadcasting
(D) None of these

Answer: (B) Multicasting

Q6. In Hierarchical routing, the routers are divided into what is called as _

(A) Zones
(B) Cells
(C) Regions
(D) None of these

Answer: (C) Regions

Q7. To do multicast routing, each router computes a _

(A) Binary tree
(B) AVL tree
(C) Spanning tree
(D) None of these

Answer: (C) Spanning tree

Q8. Sending of a IP packet from host 1 to host 2 where both are of same LAN but the packet is transferred through different intermediate called _

(A) Tunneling
(B) Routing
(C) Diverting
(D) Forwarding

Answer: (A) Tunneling

Q9. In __ case higher bandwidth can be achieved.

(A) Connectionless networks
(B) Connection oriented networks
(C) Virtual circuit networks
(D) Optical networks

Answer: (A) Connectionless networks

Q10. Military vehicles on a battlefield with no existing infrastructure will deploy _ network.

(B) Cell Network
(D) Wi-Fi

Answer: (A) MANET

Q11. Sending a packet to all destinations simultaneously is called _.

(A) Multicasting
(B) Uni-casting
(C) Telecasting
(D) Broadcasting

Answer: (D) Broadcasting

Q12. Link state packets are built in _

(A) Short path first
(B) Distance vector routing
(C) Link state routing
(D) Hierarchical routing

Answer: (B) Distance vector routing

Q13. If the route from I to J is computed in advance, off line, and downloaded to the routers when the network is booted is called as _

(A) Dynamic routing
(B) Session routing
(C) Temporary routing
(D) Static routing

Answer: (D) Static routing

Q14. In Hierarchical routing for N router subnet, the optimal number of levels is _

(A) logN
(B) log(N-1)
(C) lnN
(D) ln(N-1)

Answer:(C) lnN

Q15. Packet discard policy is implemented in _

(A) Physical layer
(B) Data link layer
(C) MAC layer
(D) Network layer

Answer: (D) Network layer

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