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Q1. Modulation is the process of

(A) Sending a file from one computer to another computer
(B) Converting digital signals to analog signals
(C) Converting analog signals to digital signals
(D) Echoing every character that is received

Answer: (B) Converting digital signals to analog signals

(A) Gateway
(B) Repeater
(C) Bridge
(D) Hub

Answer: (C) Bridge

Q3. Most data communications involving telegraph lines use:

(A) Simplex lines
(B) Wideband channels
(C) Narrowband channels
(D) Dialed service

Answer: (C) Narrowband channels

Q4. A computer that handles resource sharing and network management in a local area network. Select the best fit for answer:

(A) Network Server
(B) Virtual Private Network
(C) Network operating system

Answer: (A) Network Server

Q5. The Token-Ring architecture was developed for a more efficient way to determine who should be transmitting at any one time. With Ethernet, collisions may take place, causing the transmitting computers to have to retransmit their data. The use of token guarantees that only one computer can transmit at a time. What happens as the network increases in size? Choose the best answer

(A) An additional token is added for every 1,000 nodes
(B) The speed of the Token-Ring network must be 16Mbps if the number of nodes is greater than 500
(C) The network becomes less efficient
(D) The network becomes more efficient

Answer: (A) Network Server

Q6. What is the name of the computer based EMMS that provides a common forum where users can check in at their convenience, post messages, actively exchange ideas and participate in ongoing discussions?

(A) E-mail
(B) Bulletin board system (BBS)
(C) Teleconferencing
(D) Videoconferencing

Answer: (B) Bulletin board system (BBS)

Q7. Typewriter terminals can print computer-generated data at a rate of

(A) 10 characters per second
(B) 120 characters per second
(C) 120 characters per minute
(D) 1200 characters per minute

Answer:(B) 120 characters per second

Q8. After coding a document into a digital signal, it can be sent by telephone, telex or satellite to the receiver where the signal is decoded and an exact copy of the original document is made. What is it called?

(A) Telex
(B) Word processor
(C) Facsimile
(D) Electronic mail

Answer: (C) Facsimile

Q9. The 32-bit internet address 10000000 00001010 00000010 00011110 will be written in dotted decimal notation as


Answer: (D)

Q10. The area of coverage of a satellite radio beam is known as

(A) Footprint
(B) Circular polarization
(C) Beam width
(D) Identity

Answer: (A) Footprint

(A) Hub
(B) Bridge
(C) Repeater
(D) Gateway

Answer: (B) Bridge

Q12. The transmission signal coding method of TI carrier is called

(A) Bipolar
(C) Manchester
(D) Binary

Answer: (A) Bipolar

Q13. Which utility is useful for finding the local host name?

(B) Netstat
(D) Hostname

Answer: (D) Hostname

Q14. Modem is used in data transmission. When was it invented and in which country?

(A) 1963, USA
(B) 1965, Germany
(C) 1950, USA
(D) 1950, Japan

Answer: (C) 1950, USA

Q15. Examples are packet switching using frame relay, and cell switching using ATM technologies. Select the best fit for answer:

(A) Bandwidth alternatives
(B) Switching alternating
(C) Inter organizational networks
(D) Extranets

Answer: (B) Switching alternating

Networking MCQ – All Set

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