NCERT Solutions for Class 12 English Flamingo Chapter 8 Going Places

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Going Places NCERT Solutions for Class 12 English Flamingo Chapter 8

Going Places NCERT Text Book Questions and Answers

Q. Notice these expressions in the text. Infer their meanings from the context.

  • incongruity: quality of being unsuitable
  • prodigy: a young person endowed with exceptional qualities
  • chuffed: very pleased
  • solitary elm: a secluded tall tree
  • arcade: a passage or a walkway with shops and stalls on either side
  • amber glow: orange-yellow light of the lamp
  • wharf: a place beside the water bodies for loading or unloading of the ships
  • pangs of doubt: a sudden realization of uncertainty about something

Going Places Think as you read

Q1.Where was it most likely that the two girls would find work after school?

Answer:Jansie, being realistic, realized that both of them were likely to end up working for the biscuit factory. However, Sophie, who lived in a dream world, dreamt of starting a boutique, being an actress, or starting her career as a manager somewhere.

Q2. What were the options that Sophie was dreaming of? Why does Jansie discourage her to have such dreams?

Answer:Sophie dreamt of opening a boutique or becoming an actress or a fashion designer. She thought that she would be offered the position of a manager and that she would work there till the time she saves enough money for her boutique.
Keeping in mind their lower middle class family background, Jansie discourages Sophie to have such dreams. Jansie is more realistic and practical in life, and hence, knows that big ambitions cost heavy investments, something their working-class status could not afford.

Q3. Why did Sophie w riggle when Geoff told her father that she had met Danny Casey?

Answer:Sophie squirmed when Geoff told her father that she had met Danny Casey because she had lied about it. She felt uncomfortable about having lied to her brother, Geoff. She did not want her lies to be discovered.

Q4. Did Geoff believe what Sophie says about her meeting with Danny Casey?

Answer:No, Geoff doesn’t believe what Sophie says about her meeting with Danny Casey. First, he looks round in disbelief and says, “It can’t be true”. Again he says, “I don’t believe it.” Sophie then narrates how Danny Casey came and stood beside her. Geoff asks her, “What does he look like?” So, he doesn’t seem to be convinced that Sophie met Danny Casey.

Q5. Does her father believe her story?

Answer:No, Sophie’s father did not believe her story. When Geoff told him about the meeting, he expressed disbelief. Her father warned her that she would talk herself “into a load of trouble”.

Q6. How does Sophie include her brother Geoff in her fantasy of future?

Answer:Sophie was jealous of the fact that her brother had access to the world outside. She fantasises about going to these places with him some day in the future wearing a yellow dress. She fantasises that the world would rise to greet them.

Q7. Which country did Danny Casey play for?

Answer:Danny Casey was a football player; he played for Ireland.

Q8. Why didn’t Sophie want Jansie to know about her story with Danny?

Answer:Sophie didn’t want Jansie to know about her encounter with Danny because she feared that Jansie would spread her story to the whole neighbourhood.

Q9. Did Sophie really meet Danny Casey?

Answer:No, Sophie had not really met Danny Casey. Her father, who knew her well, realized that her story was a figment of her wild imagination. Sophie was in the habit of living in a world of fantasy that had no bearing with reality.

Q10. Which was the only occasion when she got to see Danny Casey in person?

Answer:The only occasion when Sophie got to see Danny Casey in person was when the family went to watch United on Saturday. Sophie, her father and little Derek went down near the goal. Geoff went with his mates higher up. United won two-nil. Her idol Casey drove in the second goal. She saw the Irish genius going round two big defenders on the edge of penalty area. He beat the hesitant goal keeper from a dozen yards. Sophie glowed with pride.

Going Places Understanding the text

Q1. Sophie and Jansie were classmates and friends. What were the differences between them that show up in the story?

Answer:Sophie and Jansie were classmates and friends. Yet, they were inherently different in their personalities. Sophie was a romantic, who seemed to have nothing much to do with the realistic world. Her ambitions and her ways to achieve them were unrealistic. Sophie dreamt of starting a boutique with the money she would earn as a manager. She dreamt about opening the best shop in the city or of becoming an actress.

Jansie was more practical and did not want Sophie to talk of such unrealistic ventures. She knew that both of them were destined to work at the biscuit factory. Sophie was childish and lived in a dream world where Danny, a football star, had met her and was likely to meet her yet again. Jansie disapproved of her telling such a story.

Q2. How would you describe the character and temperament of Sophie’s father?

Answer:Sophie’s father has a plumpy face looking grimy and sweaty. He doesn’t seem to be a soft or sophisticated man. Sophie fears his agressive manliness. He is a realist and does not believe in his daughter’s wild stories. He loves watching football. He hopes young Casey will be as good as Tom Finney. He wishes that the young footballer keeps away from all distractions. He shouts instructions to Casey at the playground. When the Irish genius , beats the hesitant goal keeper, Sophie’s father screams with joy and pride. He goes to a pub to celebrate the victory.

Q3. Why did Sophie like her brother Geoff more than any other person? From her perspective, what did he symbolise?

Answer:Sophie liked her brother Geoff more than anyone else in the family. She confided in him and also idolised him. He was older, an apprentice mechanic, who travelled for his work to the other end of the city. She supposed that there were many more mysterious elements about him, than she knew of. He spoke little and she envied his silence. To her it seemed that when he was quiet, he travelled in his imagination to those places where she wanted to go. She suspected him of knowing interesting people and she longed to know them too.

She wanted to be closer to her brother and hoped that someday he might take her with him.Geoff symbolised freedom to Sophie’s limited experience. In her childish dreams, she imagined an exotic world beyond her knowledge, which awaited her arrival.

Q4. What socio-economic background did Sophie belong to? What are the indicators of her family’s financial status?

Answer:Sophie belongs to a lower middle class socio-economic background. She lives in a small house with her parents and two brothers, Derek and Geoff. When she returns home after school, she feels choked with the steam of the stove and is disgusted with the dirty dishes piled in a corner. Her mother’s back has become stooped and bent by handling all the household chores and responsibilities on her own. Her father is a hard labourer and her elder brother, Geoff, works as an apprentice mechanic in a garage situated far away from his house. Her family wants Sophie to join work immediately after her school. These are some of the indicators of Sophie’s family’s financial status.

Going Places Talking about the text

Discuss in pairs.

Q1. Sophie’s dreams and disappointments are all in her mind. Discuss.

Answer:Sophie’s views, her ambitions, her ideas about her brother Geoff s life, or her meeting with Danny, were all figments of her imagination. She was confident of becoming an actress and having a boutique on the side, though she neither had a decent house, nor any material comfort. The realistic view is reflected through Jansie who knew that they would both end up working in the biscuit factory.

Sophie imagined her brother, Geoff visiting places that she had never seen. She longed to be introduced to the vast world that she believed awaited her. She imagined herself riding there behind Geoff and being welcomed with thunderous applause.Sophie had never met Danny Casey, a sports star, but she told her family a concocted story of meeting. Her father recognised that it was one of her wild stories and was afraid that she would get herself into lot of trouble.She fantasised to such a level that her lies became a living reality and she went to wait for Danny to turn up. Even when she realized that Danny would not turn up to meet with her, she indulged in a similar fantasy.

Q2. It is natural for teenagers to have unrealistic dreams. What would you say are the benefits and disadvantages of such fantasising?

Answer:Teenage is the phase of life which constitutes of major changes in the life of an individual. During this phase, a person learns many things, sets his career goals, and deals with peer pressure and the pressure of adults’ expectations. Hence, it is natural for teenagers to fantasise and to have unrealistic dreams.

Advantages: Fantasising, based on realistic goals or the world around, provides a means to reach higher ambitions and dreams. Aspiring for higher career goals and working hard may ensure successful career prospects. Thus, it instills confidence and a spirit to achieve one’s desire. In difficult situations of life, it helps instill positivity and optimism. It is a talent in those known as creative.

Disadvantages: Fantasising builds a gap between fantasy and reality. The realisation of the disparity between one’s goals and capabilities may be painful. Non achievement may also lead to disappointment, depression or suicidal tendencies. Moreover, it is a sheer wastage of time for many.

Going Places Extra Questions and Answers

Going Places Short Answer Questions

Q1. What was Sophie’s ambition? How did she plan to achieve it?

Answer:Sophie was a romantic who was far removed from reality. She aspired to start a boutique after leaving school. She told her friend, Jansie, that to save money for the boutique she would work as a manager. She wanted a boutique like Mary Quant, a famous fashion designer. She also toyed with the idea of working as an actress and having a boutique on the side. She desired to have a career that was considered “sophisticated”.

Q2. Were Sophie’s ambitions were divorced from reality?

Answer:Sophie was a schoolgirl—a teenager from a middle-class family. But she had exalted ambitions about starting a boutique or becoming an actress. Her dreams were divorced from reality. Her friend, Jansie, realized the irony of their situation and was realistic enough to know that they would end up working in a biscuit factory.

Q3. Sophie idolized her brother Geoff. Justify.

Answer:Sophie’s brother, Geoff, had been three years out of school, an apprentice mechanic, who travelled to his work each day to the far side of the city. Sophie thought that Geoff lived the lives of her hopes and dreams that she wanted for her own self. She romanticized his life. She imagined that he visited faraway, exotic places and met interesting people. She wished to visit the places of her imagination and ride away with Geoff.

Q4. How did Sophie dream of herself in Geoff’s world?

Answer:Sophie wished that her brother would take her to his world with him. She was conscious of a vast world that awaited her arrival. She saw herself riding there behind Geoff. She imagined him in new, shining black leather and herself in a yellow dress with a kind of cape that flowed out behind her. She imagined the world greeting them with wild applause.

Q5. What did Sophie tell Geoff about Danny Casey?

Answer:Sophie told Geoff that she had met Danny Casey in the arcade. She told him how she was looking at the clothes in Royce’s window when Danny Casey came and stood beside her. She said that he had gentle, green eyes but was not very tall. She asked him for an autograph for little Derek, but neither of them had any paper or pen. She claimed that Danny had invited her to meet him next week.

Q6. What was her father’s reaction to her claim to have met Danny Casey?

Answer:Geoff told his father that Sophie had met Danny Casey. Their father disbelieved Sophie’s claim; he looked at her with disdain. When she told her father that Danny said he was going to buy a shop, her father dismissed it as one of her wild stories. He felt that she would land herself into trouble because of her wild imagination.

Q7. What did Geoff warn Sophie about Danny?

Answer:Geoff warned Sophie about how she was still in school, and Danny was likely to have lots of girls. Sophie tried to refute it, but Geoff insisted on how he knew better. When she told him that Danny was to meet her the following week, Geoff told her that Danny would never turn up.

Q8. Where did the family see Danny? What was Sophie’s reaction?

Answer:Sophie, Derek, Geoff and their father went to watch United play on Saturday. It was a “weekly pilgrimage” for them. Sophie, her father and little Derek went down and sat near the goal while Geoff went higher up with his friends. They saw Danny score a goal, leading his team to victory. Sophie blushed with satisfaction as her hero won the match for them.

Q9. What was Sophie’s reaction when Jansie questioned her about Danny Casey?

Answer:Sophie was upset when Jansie revealed that she had come to know about Sophie’s episode with Casey. She felt betrayed as Geoff had let out her secret. Jansie accused her of lying, but Sophie convinced her otherwise. However, she felt apprehensive that Jansie would spread the rumour around her neighbourhood.

Q10. Where did Sophie go to wait for Danny?

Answer:After dark, Sophie walked by the canal, along a sheltered path lighted only by the glare of the lamps from the wharf across the water. It was a secluded place where she had often played as a child. She sat down on a wooden bench under a solitary elm, to wait for Danny Casey.

Q11. How did Sophie come to terms with the fact that Danny would not come?

Answer:As Sophie waited for Danny to turn up, she even imagined him coming. But when some time had elapsed, she felt the pangs of doubt stirring inside her. She recalled that Geoff had said how he would never come. She waited and finally resigned herself to the truth that Danny would not come.

Q12. “I will have to live with this burden.” Why did Sophie feel this way?

Answer:Sophie was a romantic. Like many other teenagers, she lived in her world of fantasy. She dreamt of Danny coming to meet her. Once Sophie realized that she had been deluding herself, she became sad and felt that it was a hard burden to carry. She was ashamed to face her brother, her family and her neighbours who would make fun of her whims.

Q13. “And she saw it all again…” What did Sophie see?

Answer:Sophie saw a vision of meeting Danny Casey as she had imagined a week before. She visualized herself talking to him and asking for an autograph. She replayed the entire episode of a week before in her mind. To her, it was a lived reality. However, it was nothing but a figment of her imagination. The reader gets an insight into the dynamics of the situation. The cyclical narrative suggests that Sophie’s world was replete with her imagined reality.

Going Places Long Answer Questions

Q1. How did Sophie aspire to achieve her lofty ambitions? Why did they seem unrealistic to Jansie? How did her family react to her fantasies and ambitions?

Answer:Sophie desired to set up a boutique after leaving school. She told her friend, Jansie, that to save that much money she would work as a manager. She wanted a boutique like Mary Quant. She wanted it to be one of its kind. She also contemplated working as an actress and having the boutique on the side.

Jansie, the grounded of the two, tried to reason with her saying that the boutique would require a lot of capital and nobody would employ her as a manager unless she had experience. Sophie’s father was disdainful of her behaviour. He felt that Sophie needed to keep her head on her shoulders. He dismissed her talk, knowing she lived in her own world of fantasy. He felt that she would land into trouble because of her immature talk.

Q2. Sophie’s fascination for Danny Casey stemmed from the fact that he had all that Sophie wanted for herself. Elaborate.

Answer:Sophie desired an affluent and sophisticated lifestyle. She wished to save some money and start a boutique like Mary Quant had. Sophie’s fascination with Danny Casey stemmed from the fact that he had the lifestyle she aspired for. She dreamt of a world that awaited her arrival. Her fixation with fame and luxury is revealed as she fantasized about becoming an actress.

She weighed each of her unrealistic options as an avenue to fame, stardom and money. She hailed from a middle-class background, but dreamt of achieving fame and luxury, much beyond the humble reach of her station. Danny Casey represented an entry to such a lifestyle. Her infatuation had much more to do with her own ambition than any genuine adoration of Casey’s skills as a footballer.

Q3. Sophie is a middle-class girl who longs, like any other teenager, to reach out to the horizons. Justify.

Answer:Sophie was a middle-class girl with lofty aspirations. To achieve a glamorous and sophisticated life, she wished to have a boutique after she finished school. Sophie was confident of saving the required amount of money by working as a manager. She also considered the idea of becoming an actress as there was real money in that, and having the boutique on the side. She longed to go with Geoff to places that she had never seen. These places held a lure for her because they were mysterious and distant.

She imagined herself riding there, behind Geoff. She pictured the world admiring and applauding her entry. Her infatuation with Danny Casey, a sports star, also stemmed from the fact that he was the epitome of glamour and sophistication. Like a regular teenager, she dreamt, uninhibited of her station and skills. Sophie was yet to experience the hardships of adult life, she was content to live in her world of fantasies where all was within her reach.

Going Places Value Based Question

Q. Unrealistic dreams often lead to a great deal of unhappiness. Justify this on the basis of your reading of the story.

Answer:Sophie who lived in the world of her dreams, found her reality quite suffocating. Sophie dreamt of owning a boutique one day or of being an actress or a fashion designer, but her friend Jansie believed that both of them were earmarked for the biscuit factory. Jansie, who was more realistic, tried to make Sophie accept the imminent reality, but Sophie continued with her make-believe ways. She imagined befriending Danny Casey, the sports star, only to be disillusioned.

She imagined that Danny had asked her to meet; she went there and waited for hours, believing that he would turn up. Sophie got sucked into the story of her own creation and began to believe that it was true. When Sophie realized that she had believed in a lie, her disappointment was painful and almost life-changing. She is seen moving from one dream to another in her mind. When the harsh reality stared her in the face, her disappointment was evident.

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