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Are you guys looking for computer science MCQ Questions with Answers PDF Free Download as per computer science new exam pattern? You came to the right page. This may assist you to understand and check your knowledge about the Subjects. Students also can take a free test of the Multiple Choice Questions of computer science. Each question has four options followed by the right answer. These computer science MCQ Questions are selected supported by the newest exam pattern.

Q1. Which is the best view for getting your thoughts for a presentation out on the computer?

(A) Outline view
(B) Notes page view
(C) Slide sorter view
(D) Slide view

Answer: (A) Outline view

Q2. What do you do to start the slide show?

(A) Click on Go
(B) Turn on transition
(C) Click on the Slide Show icon
(D) All of the above

Answer: (C) Click on the Slide Show icon

Q3. Which of the following cannot be toggled from View >> Toolbars?

(A) Control Toolbox
(B) Slides
(C) Revisions
(D) Reviewing

Answer: (B) Slides

Q4. What feature will you use to apply motion effects in between a slide exits and another enters?

(A) Slide Transition
(B) Slide Design
(C) Animation Objects
(D) Animation Scheme

Answer: (A) Slide Transition

Q5. Which of following are not PowerPoint views?

(A) Page View
(B) Print View
(C) Normal View
(D) Outline View

Answer: (A) Page View

Q6. Special effects used to introduce slides in a presentation are called

(A) Effects
(B) Custom animations
(C) Transitions
(D) Present animations

Answer: (C) Transitions

Q7. Presentation designs regulate the formatting and layout for the slide and are commonly called

(A) Design plates
(B) Templates
(C) Placeholders
(D) Blueprints

Answer: (B) Templates

Q8. The size of an organization chart object

(A) Is determined by the presentation design and cannot be changed
(B) Is determined by the presentation design but can be changed in PowerPoint
(C) Is dependent on the amount of text within the organization chart
(D) Both ‘b’ and ‘c’

Answer: (D) Both ‘b’ and ‘c’

Q9. Animation schemes can be applied to _ in the presentation

(A) All slides
(B) Select slides
(C) Current slide
(D) All of the above

Answer: (D) All of the above

Q10. To start slide show of a presentation

(A) Hit F5 key
(B) From Slide Show menu choose View Show option
(C) From Slide Show menu choose Rehearse timing
(D) Both ‘a’ & ‘b’

Answer: (D) Both ‘a’ & ‘b’

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