Modern Indian History Multiple Choice Questions Set-13

Question 1.

The National Anthem was first sung in year 1911 at the Annual session of the India National Congress held at :


Ans: C.Kolkata

Question 2.

Which movement got the support from both Hindus and Muslims?

A.Non-Cooperation Movement
B.Quit India Movement
C.Champaran Stayagraha
D.Anti-Partition Movement

Ans: A.Non-Cooperation Movement

Question 3.

The first Satyagraha of Gandhiji for the cated of indigo farmers was observed at


Ans: A.Champaran

Question 4.

Who among the following Viceroys became a victim of one of the convicts during his visit to the Andamans?


Ans: B.Mayo

Question 5.

Which Party was established by Chandra Bose after he came out of Indian National Congress?

A.Indian National Army
B.Republican party
C.Forward Bloc
D.Socialist Party

Ans: C.Forward Bloc

Question 6.

Where did the so-called ‘Black Hole Tragedy take place?


Ans: C.Calcutta

Question 7.

The Portuguese Governor who abolished Sati in Goa was

D.De Braganza

Ans: A.Albuquerque

Question 8.

Who termed Cripps’ proposals as ‘a post dated cheque in a crashing bank?

B.Annie Besant

Ans: D.Gandhiji

Question 9.

The Rama Krishna Mission was established by :

B.Rama Krishna
C.M.G. Ranade:
D.Keshab Chandra Sen

Ans: A.Vivekananda

Question 10.

India was granted freedom during the British prime Minister

A.Clement Attlee
B.Winston Churchill 2:
C.Ramsay Mac Donald
D.William Pitt

Ans: A.Clement Attlee

Question 11.

The battle of Plassey was fought between

A.East India Company and Ahmad Shah
B.East India Company and Tipu Sultan
C.East India Company and Sirajuddaulla
D.East India Company and Anwaruddin

Ans: C.East India Company and Sirajuddaulla

Question 12.

The State Jhansi was made a part of the British Empire in India through

A.Doctrine of Lapse
B.Policy of Subsidiary Alliance
C.War against Rani Lakshmi Bai
D.None of the above

Ans: A.Doctrine of Lapse

Question 13.

In 1937, the Congress formed Ministries in

A.7 states
B.9 states
C.5 statest
D.4 states

Ans: C.5 statest

Question 14.

Who are the three, among the following who fought against British in 1857 Revolt?
[a. Kunwar Singh
[b. Tantia Tope
[c. Nana Sahebd
[d. Maulavi Ahmaduallah

A.All of the above’
B.a, cand, d
C.a, b and c
D.b, cand, d

Ans: A.All of the above’

Question 15.

The Non-Cooperation Movement started in


Ans: B.1920

Question 16.

Who said about Mahatma Gandhi that he is a “half naked Fakir”?

A.Winston Churchill
B.Lord Mountbatten
C.Lord Wavell
D.Lord Linlithgow

Ans: A.Winston Churchill

Question 17.

Which was the main cause for starting of the
Quit India Movement in 1942-?

A.Severe unrest among the people
B.Report of Simon Commission
C.Failure of the Cripps Mission
D.British involved in the world was II: in

Ans: C.Failure of the Cripps Mission

Question 18.

The Khilafat Movement was launched to protest against the humiliation of

A.The Turkish Caliph
B.Aga Khan
C.Muhammad Ali Jinnah
D.Abdul Kalam Azad

Ans: A.The Turkish Caliph

Question 19.

Who was the Nawab when Dalhousie annexed Awadh in 1854?

A.Nasiruddin Mahmud Shah
B.Wajid Ali Shah
C.Sirajud – daulla
D.Alivardi Khan

Ans: B.Wajid Ali Shah

Question 20.

Which among the following movements was not led by Mahatma Gandhi ?

A.Quit India Movement
B.Swadeshi Movement
C.Non-Cooperation Movement
D.Civil Disobedience Movement

Ans: B.Swadeshi Movement

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