Modern Indian History Multiple Choice Questions Set -11

Question 1.

Federal form of Governments at centre was in troduced in India under:

A.Government of India Act of 1909
B.Indian Councils Act of 1909
C.Government of India Act of 1935
D.Indian Independence Act of 1947

Ans: C.Government of India Act of 1935

Question 2.

What was meant by the secretary of State of India during the British?

A.An official who worked as the Secretary to the Viceroy of India
B.A Secretary level official appointed in each Presidency of India
C.A British minister given full control over the Government of India
D.A senior officer appointed the Viceroy to look into his internal administration in India

Ans: C.A British minister given full control over the Government of India

Question 3.

Which among the following place, was not an important centre of the Revolt of 1857 ?


Ans: A.Agra

Question 4.

Who, among the following, was the pioneer of social reform movements in 19th century India ?

A.Aurobindo Ghosh
B.Raja Ram Mohan Roy
C.Devendra Nath Tegore
D.Keshav Chandra Sen

Ans: B.Raja Ram Mohan Roy

Question 5.

The Indian National Army (Azad Hind fauj) fought in the Second World War against

D.Great Britain

Ans: D.Great Britain

Question 6.

‘Lucknow pact’ was a deal between

A.Indians and the British about legislative seats
B.Hindus and Muslims regarding seat sharing in legislatures
C.Depressed castes and Brahmins about job reservations
D.Hindus and Sikhs about job reservations

Ans: B.Hindus and Muslims regarding seat sharing in legislatures

Question 7.

Who among the following was famous for framing the education minute?

A.Lord Elgin
B.Lord Macaulay
D.None of these

Ans: B.Lord Macaulay

Question 8.

When was the Gandhi Irwin Pact made?


Ans: B.1931

Question 9.

Indian Universities Act, 1904 was passed during the governorship of

A.Lord Lytton
B.Lord Curzon
C.Lord Ripon
D.Lord Hardinge-I

Ans: B.Lord Curzon

Question 10.

The joint session of the Congress and Muslim League was held in 1916 at


Ans: C.Lucknow

Question 11.

Who, among the following, has been known as the ‘Frontier Gandhi’?

A.Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan
B.Khan Saheb
C.Chaudhary Shaukatullah
D.Liaquat Ali Khan

Ans: A.Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan

Question 12.

“Neel Darpan’ a play depicting the revolt against the Indigo planters was written by

A.Dinbandhu Mitra
B.Bankim Chandra Chatterjee
C.Rabindranath Tagore
D.Naveen Chandra Sen

Ans: A.Dinbandhu Mitra

Question 13.

The hero of the Kakori ‘Dacoity’ case was

A.Ramprasad Bismil
B.Bhagat Singh
C.Batukeshwar Datta

Ans: A.Ramprasad Bismil

Question 14.

Who, among the following, founded the ‘All India Depressed Classes Federation’ in 1920?

A.M.K. Gandhi
B.Jyotiba Phule
C.G.K. Gokhale
D.B.R. Ambedkar

Ans: D.B.R. Ambedkar

Question 15.

The Ryotwari System of Land Tenure to a situation where

A.The Ryot is the owner of the land held by him/her and directly pays the revenue assessed on the land to the State
B.The Ryot is an occupancy tenant of his/her land and pays the land revenue to the Zamindar
C.The person cultivates the land leased from a landlord and inreturn pays rent to the landlord
D.the land is collectively owned and cultivated on a cooperative basis

Ans: A.The Ryot is the owner of the land held by him/her and directly pays the revenue assessed on the land to the State

Question 16.

Champaran Satyagraha was related to

D.Fresh assessment of land

Ans: A.Indigo

Question 17.

Who was the first propounder of the doctrine of Passive Resistance ?

A.B. G Tilak
B.Aurobindo Ghosh
C.Lajpat Rai
D.G.K. Gokhale

Ans: B.Aurobindo Ghosh

Question 18.

In which of the following places was the Ryotwari settlement introduced?

A.Uttar Pradesh and Punjab
B.North-West Provinces and Punjab
C.Madras and Bombay
D.Bengal and Bihar

Ans: C.Madras and Bombay

Question 19.

Swami Dyanand Saraswati established the Arya Samaj in 1875 at


Ans: A.Bombay

Question 20.

The first newspaper which was published in India was

A.The Calculatta Gazette
B.The Calculatta Gazette
C.The Oriental Maganize of Calculatta
D.The Bengal Gazette

Ans: D.The Bengal Gazette

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