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Are you guys looking for Computer science Engineering MCQ Questions with Answers PDF Free Download as per Computer science Engineering new exam pattern? You came to the right page. This may assist you to understand and check your knowledge about the Subjects. Students also can take a free test of the Multiple Choice Questions of Computer science Engineering. Each question has four options followed by the right answer. These Computer science Engineering MCQ Questions are selected supported by the newest exam pattern.

Q1. When typing in a word field manually, what must you press to insert the code’s braces?

(A) Ctrl + F6
(B) Ctrl + F9
(C) Alt + F11
(D) Shift + F12

Answer: (B) Ctrl + F9

Q2. In mail merge operation which of the following might represent the main document?

(A) A sales brochure
(B) A form letter
(C) A database of Names and Addresses
(D) All of above

Answer: (A) A sales brochure

(A) Ctrl + H
(B) Ctrl + L
(C) Ctrl + K
(D) None of above

Answer: (C) Ctrl + K

Q4. Pressing F8 key for three times selects

(A) A word
(B) A sentence
(C) A paragraph
(D) Entire document

Answer: (B) A sentence

Q5. What is the shortcut key to Update Formula in a table?

(A) F9
(B) Alt + F9
(C) Ctrl + F9
(D) Shift + F9

Answer: (A) F9

Q6. Which of the following is the second step in creating a macro?

(A) Start recording
(B) Using your mouse or keyboard, perform the task you want to automate
(C) Assign a keyboard shortcut to the macro
(D) Give the macro a name

Answer: (D) Give the macro a name

Q7. The _ in the Resume Wizard dialog box indicates the wizard is ready to create the document.

(A) Start panel
(B) Address panel
(C) Add/Sort Heading panel
(D) Finish panel

Answer: (D) Finish panel

Q8. How many different positions can you set for drop cap?

(A) 1
(B) 2
(C) 4
(D) 6

Answer: (B) 2

Q9. The word wrap feature

(A) Automatically move text to the next line when necessary
(B) Appears at the bottom of the document
(C) Allows you to type over text
(D) Is the short horizontal line

Answer: (A) Automatically move text to the next line when necessary

Q10. How many ways you can save a document?

(A) 3
(B) 4
(C) 5
(D) 6

Answer: (A) 3

Q11. Tabs stop position cannot be the following alignment

(A) Decimal Alignment
(B) Center Alignment
(C) Bar Alignment
(D) Justify Alignment

Answer: (D) Justify Alignment

Q12. What is the short cut key to open the Open dialog box?

(A) F12
(B) Shift F12
(C) Alt + F12
(D) Ctrl + F12

Answer: (D) Ctrl + F12

Q13. Uppercase on Change Case dialog box and All Caps on Fonts dialog box both converts selected text into Capital Letters. What’s the difference between the two?

(A) Both are same. They are only two different ways of capitalize text
(B) It is faster to convert from Change Case than from Font dialog box
(C) Change Case makes conversion permanent but All Caps on Font can always be reverted
(D) All Caps on Font dialog box makes the change permanent where Change Case can be always reverted

Answer: (C) Change Case makes conversion permanent but All Caps on Font can always be reverted

Q14. When assigning a shortcut key to a symbol, you should always try to select a key or key combination that is:

(A) Unassigned
(B) Located on the ten-key pad section of your keyboard
(C) Assigned to another task
(D) From the same font family as the symbol

Answer: (A) Unassigned

Q15. How many columns can you insert in a word document in maximum?

(A) 35
(B) 45
(C) 55
(D) 65

Answer: (B) 45

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