Microsoft Access CBT Test Questions – Set 32

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Q1. The common field linking the two datasheets is the key field in the main datasheet and the field in the linked datasheet.

(A) Primary, foreign
(B) Primary, common
(C) Foreign, primary
(D) Foreign, common

Answer: (A) Primary, foreign

Q2. Which tool is used to generate printout of a table\’s structure?

(A) Analyzer
(B) Designer
(C) Documenter
(D) Generator

Answer: (C) Documenter

Q3. Which function evaluates a “true/false” expression and then performs one of two actions?

(A) Case
(B) IF
(D) Is True

Answer: (C) IIF

Q4. Where can you find the undo command in Access?

(A) Office button
(B) Home command tab
(C) Status bar
(D) Quick Access toolbar

Answer: (D) Quick Access toolbar

Q5. A disadvantage to a ________file is that there is no easy way to tell which fields are numbers, text, dates, or currency.

(A) Standardized
(B) Fixed
(C) Delimited
(D) Text

Answer: (D) Text

Q6. __ allows you to resize controls, adjust column widths, move columns, and change labels while viewing the actual data in the

(A) Design View
(B) Layout View
(C) Print Preview
(D) Report View

Answer: (B) Layout View

Q7. The default and maximum size of text field in access

(A) 50 and 255 characters
(B) 8 and 1 gb
(C) 266 characters & 64000 characters
(D) None of above

Answer: (A) 50 and 255 characters

Q8. Which of the following best describes the grouped report?

(A) A part of report that can be generated by the report wizard
(B) A report that displays data that has been sorted in ascending or descending order
(C) A report that displays data grouped by fields you specify
(D) None of a the above

Answer: (C) A report that displays data grouped by fields you specify

Q9. Which of the following statements about criteria in a query is NOT true?

(A) Criteria can contain wildcard characters
(B) Criteria in a query selects or excludes certain records
(C) Criteria cannot be specified as an expression
(D) Multiple criteria can be specified using AND, OR, and relational operators

Answer: (C) Criteria cannot be specified as an expression

Q10. If you make an invalid entry in the input mask wizard dialog box, this will display to advise you that the entry is not correct

(A) Text error
(B) Validation error
(C) Literal error
(D) Entry error

Answer: (B) Validation error

Q11. Which of the following is a database management system?

(A) Ms-word
(B) Lotus 123
(C) Oracle
(D) None of above

Answer: (C) Oracle

Q12. The Table _ Wizard analyzes a database and recommends changes for normalization.

(A) Analyzer
(B) Documenter
(C) Cleanup
(D) Normalization

Answer: (A) Analyzer

Q13. What is the type of query that extracts data from a table and puts them into separate table?

(A) Parameter query
(B) Make table query
(C) Update query
(D) Put table query

Answer: (B) Make table query

Q14. A file containing relatively permanent data is

(A) Random file
(B) Transaction file
(C) Master file
(D) Sequential file

Answer: (C) Master file

Q15. Which major database object stores all data?

(A) Field
(B) Query
(C) Record
(D) Table

Answer: (D) Table

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