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Q1. Plywood is obtained by gluing wooden sheets at

(A) 100 to 150 N/cm2
(B) 100 to 130°C
(C) Both (A) and (B)
(D) Neither (A) nor (B)

Answer: (C) Both (A) and (B)

Q2. Distemper is

(A) A paint consisting of powdered chalk, pigments and water
(B) A water proofing agent
(C) A paint consisting of colored cement and water
(D) A drying agent

Answer: (A) A paint consisting of powdered chalk, pigments and water

Q3. Spirit varnish generally consists of

(A) Oil, wax and resin
(B) Alcohol, wax and turpentine
(C) Pigment and synthetic resin
(D) Spirit and shellac

Answer: (D) Spirit and shellac

Q4. The plastics prepared from Vinyl resin are

(A) Odourless
(B) Non-toxic
(C) Transparent
(D) All of these

Answer: (D) All of these

Q5. The low voltage porcelain is mainly used for

(A) Switch block
(B) Insulating tubes
(C) Lamp sockets
(D) All of these

Answer: (D) All of these

Q6. The compound of Portland cement which reacts immediately with water and also sets first is

(A) Tri-calcium silicate
(B) Di-calcium silicate
(C) Tri-calcium aluminate
(D) Tetra calcium alumino ferrite

Answer: (C) Tri-calcium aluminate

Q7. Duco paints are

(A) Plastic paints
(B) Cellulose paints
(C) Emulsion paints
(D) Oil paints

Answer: (D) Oil paints

Q8. A rock contains only one mineral. It is called

(A) Homogeneous
(B) Non-homogeneous
(C) Monomineralic
(D) Polymineralic

Answer: (C) Monomineralic

Q9. The initial setting time of hydraulic lime, is

(A) 30 minutes
(B) 60 minutes
(C) 90 minutes
(D) 120 minutes

Answer: (D) 120 minutes

Q10. In arches, stratified stones are placed so that their planes are

(A) Parallel
(B) Perpendicular
(C) Radial
(D) None of these

Answer: (C) Radial

Q11. Pick up the correct statement from the following:

(A) Melamine is obtained from calcium carbide
(B) Formaldehyde is prepared synthetically from methane
(C) The melamine when reacted with formaldehyde forms the melamine-formaldehyde resin
(D) All the above

Answer: (D) All the above

Q12. Pegmatite is a/an

(A) Intrusive igneous rock
(B) Extrusive igneous rock
(C) Sedimentary rock
(D) Metamorphic rock

Answer: (A) Intrusive igneous rock

Q13. PVC stands for

(A) Plastic very compact
(B) Polythene vinyl chloride
(C) Polythene vinyl carbon
(D) Polythene vanadium carbide

Answer: (B) Polythene vinyl chloride

Q14. Steel contains carbon approximately

(A) 1.50% to 5.6%
(B) 0.05% to 1.75%
(C) 0.25 %
(D) None to these

Answer: (B) 0.05% to 1.75%

Q15. The fire clay contains pure

(A) Lime
(B) Oxide of iron
(C) Hydrated aluminium silicate
(D) Magnesium

Answer: (C) Hydrated aluminium silicate

Building Materials MCQ with Answers

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