Linux Computer Science Interview Questions and Answers – Set 01

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Q1. What service is used to translate domain names to IP addresses?


Answer: (D) DNS

Q2. What command is used with vi editor to append text at end of line?

(A) I
(B) i
(C) a
(D) A

Answer: (D) A

Q3. What command do you use to add routes to a Linux router?

(A) addroute
(B) route
(C) netstat
(D) ne

Answer: (B) route

Q4. What command is used to count the number of files in the current directory by using pipes?

(A) ls | ws – c
(B) ls | wc – w
(C) ls | wc – l
(D) ls | wc

Answer: (C) ls | wc – l

Q5. Which of the following NIS clients, finds and stores information about an NIS domain and server?

(A) ypwhich
(B) ypbind
(C) ypcat
(D) yppoll

Answer: (B) ypbind

Q6. To create an installation boot floppy disk from Linux (or another Unix) machine, what command could you use?

(A) fdisk
(B) fsck
(C) dd
(D) rawrite

Answer: (C) dd

Q7. GNOME is based on

(A) CORBA toolkit
(B) COM/DCOM toolkit
(C) ORE toolkit
(D) OLE DB toolkit

Answer: (A) CORBA toolkit

Q8. What command is used to sort the lines of data in a file in reverse order?

(A) sort – r
(B) st
(C) sh
(D) sort

Answer: (A) sort – r

Q9. What type of addressing format is used by Class A network.

(A) Net.Net.Net.Node
(B) Net.Net.Node.Node
(C) Net.Node.Net.Node
(D) Net.Node.Node.Node

Answer: (D) Net.Node.Node.Node

Q10. What project is currently developing X server support?

(A) XFree86 Project, Inc.
(B) RHAD Labs
(C) GNOME Project
(D) All of the above

Answer: (A) XFree86 Project, Inc.

Q11. After you have compiled your kernel, what do you have to edit to boot your new kernel image?

(A) /boot/lilo.conf
(B) /etc/conf.modules
(C) /etc/named.boot
(D) /etc/lilo.conf

Answer: (D) /etc/lilo.conf

Q12. In OSI network architecture, the routing is performed by

(A) session layer
(B) transport layer
(C) data link layer
(D) network layer

Answer: (D) network layer

Q13. What script is run for setting bash global defaults for all users?

(A) /etc/.profile
(B) /etc/.bashrc
(C) /etc/.log
(D) /etc/profile

Answer:(D) /etc/profile

Q14. What command is used to display and create files?

(A) lyrix
(B) ed
(C) vi
(D) cat

Answer:(D) cat

Q15. What file specifies the order in which to use specified name services?

(A) /etc/services
(B) /etc/nsorder
(C) /etc/nsswitch.conf
(D) /etc/hosts

Answer: (C) /etc/nsswitch.conf

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