Indian Politics MCQs Set – 52

Question 1.

Financial Emergency can be declared by applying-

A. Article-360
B. Article-361
C. Artilce-370
D. Article-371

Ans: A. Article-360

Question 2.

What is the period within which a proclamation of national emergency made by the President is to be placed before each house of the Parliament for approval?

A. Within one month
B. Within two months
C. Within four months
D. Within six months

Ans: A. Within one month

Question 3.

Under which article, President of India can proclaim constitutional emergency?

A. Article 32
B. Article 349
C. Article 356
D. Article 360

Ans: C. Article 356

Question 4.

By which of the following modes can citizenship be acquired in India?
i. By birth, ii. Hereditary, iii. By Registration, iv. By Request

A. i and ii
B. i, ii, and iii
C. ii and iii
D. iv, ii and iii

Ans: B. i, ii, and iii

Question 5.

Under which Article of the constitution, the President of India can declare the financial emergency-

A. Article 360
B. Article 356
C. Article 364
D. Article 352

Ans: A. Article 360

Question 6.

What is the maximum period upto which a proclamation issued by the President under Article-356 of the Constitution and approved/extended by the Parliament may, normally, remain in force?

A. Six months
B. One year
C. Two years
D. Untill it is repealed by the Parliament

Ans: A. Six months

Question 7.

Which period below depicts internal emergency in India under article 352?

A. 26th June, 1974 to 23rd March, 1976
B. 25th June, 1975 to 21st March, 1977
C. 20th June, 1975 to 20th March, 1977
D. 21st June, 1976 to 21st March, 1974

Ans: B. 25th June, 1975 to 21st March, 1977

Question 8.

Which State enjoys the distinction of being the first linguistic state of India?

A. West Bangal
B. Andhra Pradesh
C. Tamil Nadu
D. Kerala

Ans: B. Andhra Pradesh

Question 9.

Which year did President declare National emergency on internal dispute-

A. 1962
B. 1965
C. 1971
D. 1975

Ans: D. 1975

Question 10.

In case State emergency is declared, it needs Parliamentary approval after every-

A. 6 months
B. 1 year
C. 2 years
D. 5 years

Ans: A. 6 months

Question 11.

Under which Article was Emergency in India declared in 1975?

A. Article-1
B. Article-152
C. Article-286
D. Article-352

Ans: D. Article-352

Question 12.

Which of the following categories of citizens of the prescribed age may be registered as a voter?

A. Bankrupt
B. Convicted for certain crimes or corruption
C. Non-resident citizens
D. Mentally unsound

Ans: C. Non-resident citizens

Question 13.

If the President declares emergency then this proclamation must be approved by the Parliament within-

A. 1 year
B. 6 Months
C. 3 Months
D. 1 Months

Ans: D. 1 Months

Question 14.

How many times have the President declared National emergency-

A. Once
B. Twice
C. Thrice
D. Never

Ans: C. Thrice

Question 15.

At the time of emergency in 1975, who was serving as the President of India?

A. Morarji Desai
B. Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed
C. V P Singh
D. Indira Gandhi

Ans: B. Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed

Question 16.

In which year were the Indian states reorganised on the linguistic basis?

A. 1947
B. 1951
C. 1956
D. 1966

Ans: C. 1956

Question 17.

A proclamation of emergency, under Article-352, on account of war or aggression requires approval of the parliament within-

A. One month
B. Two months
C. Four months
D. Six months

Ans: A. One month

Question 18.

The majority of the provisions of the Indian Constitution can be amended-

A. By the State Legislatures acting together
B. By the Parliament alone
C. With the joint approval of the Parliament and State Legislatures
D. Only on ratification by half of the States

Ans: B. By the Parliament alone

Question 19.

In India, which kind of emergency has been imposed only once-

A. Internal disturbance emergency
B. President’s rule
C. External situation emergency
D. Financial emergency

Ans: A. Internal disturbance emergency

Question 20.

The States reorganization in 1956 created-

A. 17 States and 6 Union Territories
B. 17 States and 9 Union Territories
C. 14 States and 6 Union Territories
D. 15 States and 9 Union Territories

Ans: C. 14 States and 6 Union Territories

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