Himachal Pradesh GK Questions SET-3

Here you will find GK MCQ Questions for Himachal Pradesh GK Questions with Answers PDF Free Download based on the important concepts and topics given in the textbook as per new exam pattern. This may assist you to understand and check your knowledge about the Himachal Pradesh GK Questions. Students also can take a free test of the Multiple Choice Questions of Himachal Pradesh GK Questions. Each question has four options followed by the right answer.

Q1.Under whose chairmanship the Mandi Conference in 1946 was held at Mandi?

[A] Col. G.S Dhillon
[B] Rana Durga Singh
[C] Basti Ram
[D] Jawahar Lal Nehru

Correct Answer: A [ Col. G.S Dhillon ]

Q2.What was the reason of Temur-Lang not invading Nagarkot in 1399?

[A] Difficult Terrain
[B] Heavy Rainfall
[C] Revolt in his army
[D] None

Correct Answer: A [ Difficult Terrain ]

Q3.Which of the following river does not originate in Himachal Pradesh?

[A] Chenab River
[B] Beas River
[C] Sutlej River
[D] Ravi River

Correct Answer: C [ Sutlej River ]

Q4.Which district of Himachal Pradesh has the highest literacy rate according to Census 2011?

[A] Una
[B] Bilaspur
[C] Shimla
[D] Hamirpur

Correct Answer: D [ Hamirpur ]

Q5.Which of the following places is also known as ‘Mini Switzerland’?

[A] Khajjiar
[B] Mcloedganj
[C] Palampur
[D] Rampur

Correct Answer: A [ Khajjiar ]

Q6.Which of the following was the first state to merge with the Indian Union?

[A] Bhagat
[B] Bilaspur
[C] Theog
[D] Nurpur

Correct Answer: C [ Theog ]

Q7.In which year did Feroz Shah Tughlaq plunder Nagarkot?

[A] 1365 A.D
[B] 1395 A.D
[C] 1465 A.D
[D] 1325 A.D

Correct Answer: A [ 1365 A.D ]

Q8.Himachal Pradesh was transformed from a union territory to a full fledged state in which year?

[A] 1970
[B] 1971
[C] 1972
[D] 1974

Correct Answer: B [ 1971 ]

Q9.Which district of Himachal Pradesh has the lowest literacy rate according to Census 2011?

[A] Chamba
[B] Lahaul Spiti
[C] Kinnaur
[D] Una

Correct Answer: A [ Chamba ]

Q10.Which Swiss official formally declared Khajjiar as ‘Mini Switzerland’?

[A] Willy T. Blazer
[B] Andrew Knocks
[C] Major Armherst
[D] Van Dam Noah

Correct Answer: A [ Willy T. Blazer ]

Q11.Who among the following was the first Lt. Governor of Himachal Pradesh?

[A] Himmat Singh
[B] Bajrang Singh
[C] E. Pederal Moon
[D] Y.S Parmar

Correct Answer: A [ Himmat Singh ]

Q12.Who is the author of the famous book ‘Bilaspur- Past Present and Future’?

[A] Anand Chand
[B] Karam Chand
[C] Rahul Sanskrityan
[D] G.S Mian

Correct Answer: A [ Anand Chand ]

Q13.With reference to culture and tradition of Himacha Pradesh, what are Kayang, Bakayang and Banyangchu?

[A] Dances
[B] Handicrafts
[C] Festivals
[D] Dramas

Correct Answer: A [ Dances ]

Q14.What is the sex-ratio of Himachal Pradesh as per the Census 2011?

[A] 970
[B] 968
[C] 972
[D] 976

Correct Answer: C [ 972 ]

Q15.A temple dedicated to ‘Lord Druveshwar’ is located near which of the following lakes?

[A] Manimahesh lake
[B] Lama Lake
[C] Mahakali Lake
[D] Dal Lake

Correct Answer: D [ Dal Lake ]

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