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Q1. Design of flexible pavement, involves

(A) Wheel loads
(B) Intensity of traffic
(C) Climate of the region
(D) Sub-grade conditions

Answer: (C) Climate of the region

Q2. For Indian conditions, the water bound macadam roads, are suitable if daily traffic does not exceed

(A) 2000 tonnes
(B) 2500 tonnes
(C) 3000 tonnes
(D) 3500 tonnes

Answer: (A) 2000 tonnes

Q3. Along a hill road, a side drain is provided on

(A) Outer side of a spur curve
(B) Outer side of a re-entrant curve
(C) Outer side of both (a) and (b)
(D) Inner side of both (a) and (b)

Answer: (D) Inner side of both (a) and (b)

Q4. Increase in traffic volume, due to increase in transport vehicles, is known as

(A) Development traffic
(B) Normal traffic growth
(C) Generated traffic growth
(D) Current traffic

Answer: (C) Generated traffic growth

Q5. Indian Road Congress (I.R.C.) was founded and constituted with its head quarters at New Delhi, in

(A) 1924
(B) 1927
(C) 1930
(D) 1934

Answer:(D) 1934

Q6. The total length of a valley formed by two gradients – 3% and + 2% curve between the two tangent points to provide a rate of change of centrifugal acceleration 0.6 m/sec2, for a design speed 100 kmph, is

(A) 16.0 m
(B) 42.3 m
(C) 84.6 m
(D) None of these

Answer: (C) 84.6 m

Q7. Width of a rotary round should be equal to

(A) Twice the width of narrowest radial road
(B) Width of the widest road
(C) Width of the widest road plus the width of one lane
(D) Width of the widest road plus 2 meters

Answer: (C) Width of the widest road plus the width of one lane

Q8. The steepest gradient permitted on roads which, in ordinary conditions, does not exceed, is known

(A) Ruling gradient
(B) Maximum gradient
(C) Exceptional gradient
(D) Floating gradient

Answer: (B) Maximum gradient

Q9. If V is speed in km/hour and R is radius of the curve, the super-elevation e is equal to

(A) V2/125 R
(B) V2/225 R
(C) V2/325 R
(D) V2/25 R

Answer: (B) V2/225 R

Q10. Volume of traffic which would immediately use a new road or an improved one when opened to traffic, is known

(A) Development traffic
(B) Current traffic
(C) General traffic
(D) Normal traffic growth

Answer: (D) Normal traffic growth

Q11. When each particle of aggregates is thinly coated with cement paste, a heterogeneous solid is formed, which is known as

(A) Hydration
(B) Gel
(C) Concrete
(D) None of these

Answer: (C) Concrete

Q12. The weaving length of a roadway is the distance

(A) Between the channelizing islands
(B) Equal to half circumference
(C) Equal to total width of adjoining radial roads
(D) Equal to diameter of rotary

Answer: (A) Between the channelizing islands

Q13. Volume of traffic which is due to improvement carried out in adjacent area, is known as

(A) Development traffic
(B) Generated traffic growth
(C) Normal traffic growth
(D) Current traffic

Answer: (A) Development traffic

Q14. Width of the shoulders of carriage way is generally kept

(A) 100 cm
(B) 125 cm
(C) 150 cm
(D) 250 cm

Answer: (D) 250 cm

Q15. Following type of pavement is generally known as flexible pavement

(A) Water-bound macadam roads
(B) Stabilized soil roads
(C) Road constructed with various layers of building material well compacted
(D) All the above

Answer: (D) All the above

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