Hardware Engineering Fundamentals – Set 19

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Q1. When not in use, it is very important to keep 5 VA diskettes in __.

(A) Their protective sleeves
(B) In a plastic bag
(C) On a shelf in an upright position
(D) In the floppy drive

Answer:(A) Their protective sleeves

Q2. To install a second IDE drive into a computer, you must:

(A) Set the master-slave jumper to slave on the second drive
(B) Use the IDE configuration software to set the new drive as slave
(C) Verify that you define the new drive as D: in the CMOS setup
(D) Verity that you attach the drive to the connector at the end of the ribbon cable

Answer: (A) Set the master-slave jumper to slave on the second drive

Q3. Which part of the laser printer should NOT be exposed to sunlight?

(A) Transfer corona assembly
(B) PC drum
(C) Primary corona wire
(D) Toner cartridge

Answer: (B) PC drum

Q4. To test for AC ripple on a PC power supply, you would set the volt/ohm meter for:

(A) DC voltage scale
(B) AC voltage
(C) OHM scale
(D) Farad scale

Answer: (B) AC voltage

Q5. Which I/O port belongs to LPT2?

(A) 378H
(B) 278H
(C) 3f8h
(D) 2e8h

Answer: (B) 278H

Q6. Which device uses a DMA channel?

(A) Modem
(B) Network Card
(C) Sound Card
(D) All of the above

Answer: (C) Sound Card

Q7. What does the acronym RTS represent?

(A) Required to save
(B) Ready to start
(C) Request to send
(D) Right to separate

Answer: (C) Request to send

Q8. How many bits in a byte?

(A) 8
(B) 10
(C) 16
(D) 255

Answer:(A) 8

Q9. To view any currently running Terminate Stay Resident (TSR’s) programs you could type:

(A) Memory
(C) SYS /M
(D) None of the above

Answer: (B) MEM

Q10. Which device is on IRQ 6?

(A) Keyboard
(C) Floppy drive
(D) Video card

Answer: (C) Floppy drive

Q11. On the 16-bit ISA bus, IRQ2 is elevated to which higher level Interrupt?

(A) 9
(B) 11
(C) 13
(D) 15

Answer: (A) 9

Q12. What device prevents power interruptions, resulting in corrupted data?

(A) Battery back-up unit
(B) Surge protector
(C) Multiple SIMMs strips
(D) Data guard system

Answer: (A) Battery back-up unit

Q13. The ATAPI compliance is stands for?

(B) Bus mastering
(C) Mass storage device
(D) None of the above

Answer: (C) Mass storage device

Q14. Which type of cable is most likely in use with rj-45 connectors?

(A) 10base2
(B) 10base5
(C) 10baseT
(D) 10baseFL

Answer: (C) 10baseT

Q15. The 34-pin connection on an I/O card is for?

(A) Floppy drive
(B) SCSI drive
(C) IDE drive
(D) Zip drive

Answer: (A) Floppy drive

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