Hardware Engineering Basic Questions – Set 18

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Q1. A system has two IDE hard drives that are each divided into primary and extended partitions, which drive letter is assigned to the primary partition of the second drive?

(A) C
(B) D
(C) E
(D) F

Answer: (B) D

Q2. How can you totally protect a PC from damage during an electrical storm?

(A) Disconnect the AC power cable
(B) Disconnect all external cables and power cords
(C) Use a surge protector
(D) Turn off the AC power

Answer: (A) Disconnect the AC power cable

Q3. What could cause a fixed disk error?

(A) CDROM drive not installed
(B) Incorrect CMOS settings
(C) Incorrect RAM settings
(D) None of the above

Answer: (B) Incorrect CMOS settings

Q4. Which provides the fastest access to large video files?

(A) Optical drives
(B) IDE hard drives
(C) SCSI hard drives
(D) EIDE hard drives

Answer: (C) SCSI hard drives

Q5. What is the highest binary number that can be referred to on a three position jumper block?

(A) 1
(B) F
(C) 4
(D) 6

Answer: (A) 1

Q6. Which step should you perform first before discharging a CRT?

(A) Remove the CRT from its housing
(B) Disconnect the CRT from the computer
(C) Remove the video assembly
(D) Turn power off before removing power source

Answer: (D) Turn power off before removing power source

Q7. IBM’s Micro Channel Architecture (MCA) specifies which type of the following bit access widths?

(A) 8 bit & 16 bit
(B) 16 bit & 24 bit
(C) 16 bit & 32 bit
(D) 32 bit & 64 bit

Answer: (C) 16 bit & 32 bit

Q8. After doing a low-level format, what would be the next step in configuring the hard drive in a system?

(A) Format DOS partition
(B) Install operating system
(C) Configure DMA channel and back-up interrupt
(D) Partition had disk

Answer: (A) Format DOS partition

Q9. Match the device driver HIMEM.SYS to its operation.

(A) Supports (ANSI) terminal emulation
(B) Manages the use of extended memory
(C) Uses expanded memory on a 80386 processor
(D) Supports code page switching

Answer: (B) Manages the use of extended memory

Q10. Which best describes a fragmented hard drive:

(A) The platters are bad
(B) Data files are corrupted
(C) Clusters of data are damaged
(D) Files are not stored in consecutive clusters

Answer:(D) Files are not stored in consecutive clusters

Q11. In which mode can 2 or more applications be stored in memory at the same time?

(A) Segmented Mode
(B) Unprotected Mode
(C) Real Mode
(D) Protected Mode

Answer: (D) Protected Mode

Q12. Which type of system board is the MOST likely candidate for processor upgrading if you want maximum performance and future compatibility?

(A) ML

Answer: (B) PCI

Q13. What specification covers PC hard cards?


Answer: (C) PCMCIA

Q14. Which type of pc card (PCMCIA) slot will allow the insertion of a hard drive?

(A) Type I
(B) Type II
(C) Type III
(D) Type IV

Answer: (C) Type III

Q15. What is modified when changing the system start-up boot sequence?

(C) autoexec.bat

Answer: (A) BIOS/CMOS

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