Happy Independence Day Wishes & Quotes for Indian Army

Many days are special for the country, one of which is August 15, the day of Independence Day. On this day India got freedom from the chains of slavery. But we can never forget that we did not get this freedom just like this, but for this lakhs of immortal sons of this motherland had sacrificed their lives and then somewhere we got freedom from the chains of British slavery on 15 August 1947. Was. The celebration of this independence is celebrated every year from the Red Fort to every corner of the country. At the same time, on this auspicious occasion of this national festival, people wish their loved ones a Happy Independence Day. At the same time, in this modern era, people wish their loved ones on this day by sending messages on social media and in other ways. In such a situation, we have brought some special greetings messages for you, through which you can wish people. So let’s know about these messages.

Most of the beautiful in the world,
The names are also nyara
where more than caste
There are streams of love for the country
Pure, Pure, Full of Love
That Country of India belongs to us
Happy Swatantrata Diwas

De Salami Is TIRANGE Ko Jisse Teri SHAAN Hai Sar Hamesha Uncha Rakhana Iska Jab Tak DIL Main Jaan Hai. HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY Bharat Mata ki Jai.

The pride of our nation lies with such strong and patriotic army men we have. Sending warm wishes to those who protect us from every danger. Wishing you a very Happy Independence Day.

Some of the intoxication sits on the tricolour,
Some drugs are of the glory of the motherland
We’ll hoist this tricolour everywhere
Intoxication is the pride of India..!!
Happy Independence Day 2021

Bharat Mata Teri Gatha, Sabse Unchi Teri Shaan, Tere Age Sheesh Jhukaye, De Tujhko Hum Sab Sammaan! HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY

It makes our heart beat with pride when we look at the army of our country because you are the reason for our smile and protected families. Happy Independence Day to you all. Jai Hind!!!

India’s Nagada in the world is buzzing
The Star of the Country in Shining Asma
On the day of independence, let’s pray together
The tricolour continued to wave at the height of ours
Happy 15 August Friends

Jhanda Lehrana Hai, Vande Mataram Ke Geet Gana Hai! Sunakr Desh Ko Lalkarna Hai, Aao Milkar Ab Swapn Dekha Jo Sakar Karna Hai! –<@ Happy Independence Day @>-

You have always stood for the nation’s pride and security by sacrificing your lives and comforts. Salute to Indian Army which is truly the best in the world. Happy Independence Day to our heroes.

Don’t forget the sacrifice of the sons of Mother India
Those who had been sacrificed for this day
Celebrate this happiness of freedom and take this oath
The country will make India even greater
Bharat Mata Ki Jai

Azadi Ki Kabi Shaam Na Hone Dege Shahido Ki Kurbani Badnam Na Hone Dege Bachi Hai Jo 1 Boond Bhi Lahu Ki Tab Tak Bharat Ma Ka Anchal Nilam Na Hone Dege Happy Independence Day.

We are proud of our army every day, for you keep us safe and protected from enemies. On 15th August, we would like to thank you for being there for us every time. Happy Independence Day.

Let’s remember that scene again,
Saheedo remembered the flame in his heart,
In which freedom had come to the shore,
He remembered the stream of desbhaktas’ blood.
Happy 15th August Dosto

Let ÖUr Heart Bask In Free Spirit; Let OUr Sòul Sòar High With The Essence Of Freedòm. Happy Independence Day!

We honor your sacrifices and we highly respect your hard work and dedication towards the nation. We are blessed to have the strongest army in the world. Happy Independence Day!!!!

Aaj Le Rahe Hai Aajadi Ki Sansea, Tho Ye Un Veero Hi Ka Ahsaan Hai.. Kar Dil Se Sajda Unka Agar Tu Ik Sacha Insan Hai. Happy Independence Day.

Sarhadon pe desh ki raksha karne wale naujawan sipahiyon ko swatantrata diwas hi kardik badhaiyan. Shat shat naman hai unko jo desh ka gaurav aur desh ki shan hain. Jai Hind.

Jhanda Lehrana Hai, Vande Mataram Ke Geet Gana Hai! Sunakr Desh Ko Lalkarna Hai, Aao Milkar Ab Swapn Dekha Jo Sakar Karna Hai! –<@ Happy Independence Day @>-

Work Like A Gujarati; Eat Like A Rajasthani; Sing Like A Bengali; Dance Like A Punjabi; Smile Like A Kashmiri; Live Life Like A Goa; And Always Cherish Being An Indian! H A P P Y Independence D A Y

Ye Baat Hawao Ko Bataye Rakhna, Roshni Hogi Chirago Ko Jalaye Rakhna, Lahu Dekar Jiski Hifazat Humne Ki Aise Tirange Ko Sada Dil Me Basaye Rakhna. Happy Indian Independence Day.

1: òNe Country 5: Majòr Religions A: Adòrable U: Union of G: Gigantic, U: Upbeat, S: Spectacular and T: Thoughtful Indian- Who Salute, The Freedom Fighters Fòr Their Sacrifices To Free òUr Country! Happy Independence Day

Uss Desh Ki Sarhad Koi Chhu Nhi Sakta Jis Des Ki Sarhad Par Tike Baan Hai Ankhe.. . Happy Independence Day.

Chalo Phir Se Woh Naara Yaad Kar Le. Shahido Ke Dil Main Thi Jo Jwaala Yaad Kar Le. Jismein Bah Kar Azadi Pahunchi Thi Kinare Pe. Desh Bhakton Ki Woh Dhara Yaad Kar Le. !==–,,,,-=-,; !==–,,,,-=-,; !==–,,@,,-=-,; !==–,,,,-=-,_; !! !! !! Happy Independence Day

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