Govt. Exam Preparation Hardware Engineering – Set 15

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Q1. What allows you to print on both sides of the printer?

(A) Fuser
(B) Duplexer
(C) Toner cartridge
(D) Paper-swapping unit

Answer:(B) Duplexer

Q2. During the laser printer’s conditioning phase a uniform charge of _ is placed on the photosensitive drum.

(A) +1000 volt
(B) +600 volts
(C) -600 volts
(D) -1000 volts

Answer: (C) -600 volts

Q3. Which standard govern parallel communications?

(A) RS232
(B) RS-232a
(C) CAT 5
(D) IEEE 1284

Answer: (D) IEEE 1284

Q4. SCSI must be terminated with?

(A) Dip switch
(B) Resistor
(D) None of the above

Answer: (B) Resistor

Q5. What resistance in ohms should be displayed when testing a speaker in a computer?

(A) 0 Ohms
(B) 16 Ohms
(C) -200 Ohms
(D) Unlimited Ohms

Answer: (B) 16 Ohms

Q6. In which phase of the laser printing process is a positive charge placed on the paper to pull the toner from the print drum?

(A) Writing
(B) Transferring
(C) Conditioning
(D) None of the above

Answer: (B) Transferring

Q7. The mouse pointer moves erratically, what is the possible cause? The mouse

(A) Ball is dirty
(B) Is not connected
(C) Driver is not installed properly
(D) Has an incorrect IRQ setting

Answer: (A) Ball is dirty

Q8. When connecting two internal SCSI hard disks to a computer, where do you connect the second hard drive?

(A) Any open SCSI port on the computer
(B) A Serial port on the first host adapter
(C) An open parallel port on the computer
(D) An open SCSI port on the first hard drive

Answer: (A) Any open SCSI port on the computer

Q9. What Does EISA stand for?

(A) Extended Industry Standard Architecture
(B) Expanded Industry Standard Architecture
(C) Enhanced Industry Standard Architecture
(D) Electronics Industry Standard Architecture

Answer: (A) Extended Industry Standard Architecture

Q10. When configuring is a network interface cards without jumpers or plug and play, what is used to set the IRQs?

(C) The OS
(D) Configuration software

Answer: (D) Configuration software

Q11. RS-232 is a standard that applies to:

(A) Serial ports
(B) Parallel ports
(C) Game ports
(D) Networks

Answer: (A) Serial ports

Q12. In a computer with an eide adapter, where should you connect an ATA CD-ROM drive?

(A) On the floppy bus
(B) On the primary IDE
(C) On the secondary IDE
(D) On the SCSI bus

Answer: (C) On the secondary IDE

Q13. How many DMA channels are in an AT-machine?

(A) 3
(B) 4
(C) 7
(D) 8

Answer: (B) 4

Q14. In ROM BIOS, the acronym BIOS stands for:

(A) Basic Intuitive Output Set
(B) Basic Input Organizational System
(C) Basic Input Output System
(D) Basic Industry Operating System

Answer: (C) Basic Input Output System

Q15. Suppose that you have a maintenance package identifies several possible field replaceable units (FRUs) that will resolve the problem. What should you do after turning the power off?

(A) Replace the indicated parts, one at a time in the recommended sequence, until the problem is resolved; return unused FRUs to stock
(B) Replace all of the indicated FRUs at once and return the machine to the customer if the problem is resolved
(C) Follow the same procedure as in and replace the system board first if it is on the list of possible FRUs If multiple FRUs are indicated, then software is the most likely source of the problem
(D) None of the above

Answer: (A) Replace the indicated parts, one at a time in the recommended sequence, until the problem is resolved; return unused FRUs to stock

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