Exam Preparation Online Disk Operating System – Set 05

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Q1. What is a TSR?

(A) Test status request
(B) Terminate and stay resident program
(C) Take status request
(D) Token set ready

Answer: (B) Terminate and stay resident program

Q2. Which DOS command will configure a serial printing port?

(A) Parallel serial
(B) Mode LPT1=C0M1
(C) Direct LPTl=COMl
(D) Mode printer ()-serial ()

Answer: (B) Mode LPT1=C0M1

Q3. Which command will be used to display file and directory names only, without size, date, and time information?

(B) DIR A:

Answer: (C) DIR/B

Q4. DOS uses letters of the alphabet to designate disk drives. How many disk drives can DOS address (recognize)?

(A) 4
(B) 26
(C) 1
(D) 16

Answer: (B) 26

Q5. Which file executes commands in DOS?



Q6. You suspect that your automatic modem dialer is not working correctly. Which of the following commands will manually dial the number 123-4567?

(A) AT1234567
(B) ATDT1234567
(C) AT1234567DL
(D) ATM 1234567

Answer: (B) ATDT1234567

Q7. While working with MS-DOS, which command is used to specify the size of the disk to format.

(A) FORMAT/F : size
(B) FORMAT/N : sector
(C) FORMAT/T : tracks

Answer: (A) FORMAT/F : size

Q8. The COPY command of MS-DOS, is used to:

(A) Copying files from one floppy disk to another floppy disk
(B) Copying one or more files on the same disk or directory
(C) Copying two or more files into a single file
(D) All of the above

Answer: (D) All of the above

Q9. Match the device driver HIMEM.SYS to its operation

(A) Supports (ANSI) terminal emulation
(B) Manages the use of extended memory
(C) Uses expanded memory on an 80386 processor
(D) Supports code page switching

Answer: (B) Manages the use of extended memory

Q10. Upper Memory blocks are located where?

(A) Conventional Memory
(B) Extended Memory
(C) Expanded memory
(D) Reserved Memory

Answer: (D) Reserved Memory

Q11. Filename extensions help identify certain files. What filename extension identifies command files?


Answer: (A) COM

Q12. What does MSCDEX.EXE do?

(A) Configures hard drives
(B) It’s a SCSI driver
(C) BIOS setup
(D) It’s a CD-ROM DOS driver

Answer: (D) It’s a CD-ROM DOS driver

Q13. While using the DIR command, you can use certain switches with it. Which one of the following cannot be used with DIR?

(A) /P
(B) /W
(C) /S
(D) /T

Answer: (D) /T

Q14. When executed from a bootable hard drive, which command will make a formatted floppy disk bootable?

(C) XCOPY C:\DOS*.* A:\
(D) SYS C: A:

Answer: (D) SYS C: A:

Q15. The __ command allows you to modify the default prompt to provide other information

(A) Prompt
(B) Windows
(C) Cursor
(D) Click

Answer: (A) Prompt

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