Essay on Independence Day (15 August): Guide for Students and Children

Independence Day is one of the most important days in the year for our country. Each year on August 15 we celebrate the day we became an independent nation, which means we were free to rule ourselves and were not ruled by anyone else.

For hundreds of years India was ruled by the United Kingdom and our country was a part of the British Empire. The British has taken over a lot of the world and India was one of its many colonies. Before they came, India was made up of many kingdoms. After being ruled by them for years, the mutual feelings toward foreign rule really brought the country together. United, the people of the country struggled to free itself from British rule for many years. We officially became independent on 15 August, 1947. To commemorate this historic event, we celebrate our independence on 15th August every year.

School might ask you to do some essays on Independence Day. Here are some ideas for essays and a small guide on how to write them:

India before the British

Before the British ruled India, we were not a unified country but many kingdoms. Write about the way India used to be and what we are now, comparing the two. Learn about how the kingdoms were different from each other and how their rule was different from how we are today.

Changes the British rule brought in India

Though the British let many of the kingdoms continue, they had to rule under the British and having a common ruler brought the country together. Write about the differences the British rule brought.

India during and after the British rule

Though we have many similar laws, a lot has changed since the British ruled India. Write about how our own government is different from theirs. And what changes are good and which are bad.

Great Indian freedom fighters

India couldn’t have gained independence without the the leadership of many great people. Write about these people and the difference they made to history.

Role of women in India’s Independence

Though many women have played an important role in the fight for independence, history doesn’t always highlight them. Research these great women and their deeds and write about them. Make sure to write why you think history didn’t choose to remember them.

The British rulers who did good for India

Not all Britishers were bad; many grew to love India and did great things for it. Some even fought for our independence. Look up and write about these people.

Independence day celebrations

Everyone celebrates Independence day differently. Write about how you celebrate the day and compare it to your friends’ celebration in an essay.

General tips for writing essays:

-Essays are not diaries so be careful not to mix what you feel with what you know.
-Write facts, then write what you have taken away from these facts.
-Research carefully before writing. Learn about credible sources of information.
-You must always mention where a certain fact comes from, so that the reader knows it’s a credible source.

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