Environmental Engineering MCQ Practice Test – Set 01

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Q1. The polluted water is one which

(A) Contains pathogenic bacteria
(B) Consists of undesirable substances rendering it unfit for drinking and domestic use
(C) Is safe and suitable for drinking and domestic use
(D) Is contaminated

Answer:(B) Consists of undesirable substances rendering it unfit for drinking and domestic use

Q2. If the total hardness of water is greater than its total alkalinity, the carbonate hardness will be equal to

(A) Total alkalinity
(B) Total hardness
(C) Total hardness total alkalinity
(D) Non carbonate hardness

Answer: (A) Total alkalinity

Q3. The settling velocity of a particle in a sedimentation tank depends on

(A) Depth of tank
(B) Surface area of tank
(C) Both depth and surface area of tank
(D) None of the above

Answer: (B) Surface area of tank

Q4. Orthotolidine test is used for determination of

(A) Dissolved oxygen
(B) Residual chlorine
(C) Biochemical oxygen demand
(D) Dose of coagulant

Answer: (B) Residual chlorine

Q5. For a given discharge, the efficiency of sedimentation tank can be increased by

(A) Increasing the depth of tank
(B) Decreasing the depth of tank
(C) Increasing the surface area of tank
(D) Decreasing the surface area of tank

Answer: (C) Increasing the surface area of tank

Q6. The detention period in coagulation tanks is usually kept as

(A) 1 to 2 minutes
(B) 30 to 45 minutes
(C) 2 to 6 hours
(D) 2 to 6 days

Answer: (C) 2 to 6 hours

Q7. The chemical most commonly used to increase speed of sedimentation of sewage is

(A) Sulphuric acid
(B) Copper sulphate
(C) Lime
(D) Sodium permanganate

Answer: (C) Lime

Q8. Air binding phenomena in rapid sand filters occur due to

(A) Excessive negative head
(B) Mud ball formation
(C) Higher turbidity in the effluent
(D) Low temperature

Answer: (A) Excessive negative head

Q9. Period of cleaning of slow sand filters is about

(A) 24 – 48 hours
(B) 10 – 12 days
(C) 2 – 3 months
(D) 1 – 2 year

Answer: (C) 2 – 3 months

Q10. The disinfection efficiency of chlorine increases by
(i) Decreasing the time of contact
(ii) Decreasing the temperature of water
(iii) Increasing the temperature of water
The correct answer is

(A) Only (i)
(B) Both (i) and (ii)
(C) Both (i) and (iii)
(D) Only (iii)

Answer: (D) Only (iii)

Q11. The suitable method for disinfection of swimming pool water is

(A) Ultra violet rays treatment
(B) Lime treatment
(C) By using potassium permanganate
(D) Chlorination

Answer: (A) Ultra violet rays treatment

Q12. The process in which the chlorination is done beyond the break point is known as

(A) Pre-chlorination
(B) Post chlorination
(C) Super chlorination
(D) Break point chlorination

Answer: (C) Super chlorination

Q13. The layout of distribution system in which water flows towards the outer periphery is

(A) Ring system
(B) Dead end system
(C) Radial system
(D) Grid iron system

Answer: (C) Radial system

Q14. The commonly used material for water supply pipes, which has the properties of being strong, not easily corroded and long life but is heavy and brittle, is

(A) Steel
(B) Cast iron
(C) Copper
(D) Reinforced cement concrete

Answer: (B) Cast iron

Q15. Disinfection efficiency is

(A) Reduced at higher pH value of water
(B) Unaffected by pH value of water
(C) Increased at higher pH value of water
(D) Highest at pH value equal to 7

Answer: (A) Reduced at higher pH value of water

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