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Q1. Conversion of hexadecimal number 93FA16 to it’s binary number equivalent is

(A) 10010011111110102
(B) 100100111111101112
(C) 1100111111100112
(D) 1111100001112

Answer: (A) 10010011111110102

Q2. Binary-Coded-decimal (BCD) numbers express each digit as a _

(A) Byte
(B) Nibble
(C) Bit
(D) None of the above

Answer: (B) Nibble

Q3. A typical microcomputer may have up to 65,536 registers in its memory. Each of these registers, usually called a __

(A) Address
(B) Memory location
(C) Registers
(D) Chip

Answer: (B) Memory location

Q4. The maximum number of TTL loads that a TTL device can drive reliably over the specified temperature range is

(A) Fan-out
(B) Bipolar
(C) Chip
(D) Universal logic circuit

Answer:(A) Fan-out

Q5. A combinational logic circuit which is used when it is desired to send data from two or more source through a single transmission line is known as

(A) Encoder
(B) Decoder
(C) Multiplexer
(D) De-multiplexer

Answer: (C) Multiplexer

Q6. The 1’s compliment of binary number 11010 is:

(A) 00101
(B) 00010
(C) 00110
(D) 11101

Answer: (A) 00101

Q7. A shift register moves the left or right. Serial loading means storing a word in a shift register by entering bit per clock pulse. With parallel or broadside loading, it takes only one _ pulse to load the input word.

(A) Light, eight, clock
(B) Right, eight, clock
(C) Bits, one, register
(D) Bits, one, clock

Answer: (D) Bits, one, clock

Q8. Which TTL sub-family has maximum speed?

(A) Standard TTL
(B) Schottky-clamped TTL
(C) High speed TTL
(D) Low power TTL

Answer: (B) Schottky-clamped TTL

Q9. Conversion of binary number 1011102 to an octal number is

(A) 358
(B) 468
(C) 568
(D) 508

Answer:(C) 568

Q10. Which of the following is the first integrated logic family?


Answer: (A) RTL

Q11. The memory cell of a dynamic RAM is simpler and smaller than the memory cell of a __ RAM.

(A) Volatile
(B) Static
(C) Semiconductor
(D) Bipolar

Answer: (B) Static

Q12. Conversion of an octal number 74328 to a binary number is

(A) 11110001101112
(B) 111100011010
(C) 1100110101112
(D) 1111111110002

Answer:(B) 111100011010

Q13. The logic 1 in positive logic system is represented by:

(A) Zero voltage
(B) Lower voltage level
(C) Higher voltage level
(D) Negative voltage

Answer: (C) Higher voltage level

Q14. Conversion of an octal number 1438 to hexadecimal number is

(A) 6316
(B) 6016
(C) 5016
(D) 5716

Answer: (A) 6316

Q15. Conversion of decimal number 1310 to it’s octal number equivalent is

(A) 158
(B) 178
(C) 138
(D) 118

Answer: (A) 158

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